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INTRODUCTION   By SpiritualDictionary.com

The hardest lesson in Spiritual development is patience. There is so much to learn, and no fast way to do so. The following chapter is the biggest one, and it starts to fill in all the gaps for you, so more and more things make sense. You cannot jump ahead to the more exciting chapters such as ADVENTURE and ADVANCED as they would just be too hard to believe…………. have patience. Most of the articles that follow are direct translations of a meditation evening. This is how they work. In most cases there will be 4 of us in the group. Luke is a ‘Power-source’ who ‘sees’ very little, but brings a huge amount of energy into the group so that we can all see more. As the meditation starts, Verna and I are usually taken (via astral projection) to various dimensions in past present or future by Guides, where we start to see and sense the evenings lessons. We physically say what we see (which is all recorded) and this is confirmed or corrected by various Teachers and Guides who mainly channel through Miriam. When a Guide channels through Miriam it is shown like this. Miriam(Guide)……This is John talking We then show it like this………. Miriam(John)…………… ……… so you know who is channeling through whom. Guides can start channeling at the beginning of a meditation, or part way through. Also several Guides can channel through one person in each meditation. We have several regular Guides and Teachers, plus there are many more that specialise in a subject and visit when needed. They have a great sense of humor too. The following articles\lessons are recorded and translated just as they happen, because it is important that you learn the correct way. Also Guides will refer to other events that they have experienced from time to time, and due to putting this book together in chapters they are now always in sequence. On an average evening we would experience 6-8 different lessons, which often have had to be split and put into different chapters. One thing that will seem a bit confusing at first are the tenses used. As an example, let’s say I astral travel to an event that happened 100 years ago – I am seeing it and describing it as it happens (or happened?) and will describe it in the present tense……and while doing so may refer to it in the past tense…….but you will be able to follow it clearly. One last thing before we start – ego should not be part of your spiritual life, so if Spirit and Guides say nice things about us, it is left in the articles just to share with you our progress, so that you can understand better.  

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