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ILLIA FROM UNDERGROUND  By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation another visitor (not in spirit) channels through Miriam. Miriam (Illia) – Greetings to you Luke – Welcome Miriam (Illia) – I have been with you before, I come from underground and it is great news for all of us to know that very, very soon there will be talking and I am hoping to be one of the first. We have been waiting so long and I do notice that in your news media recently there is talk of someone who knows about the vast caverns that are underground, and where they will be taken and whether they will be believed or not is another matter. But we shall give all the proof that is needed, not only that we shall extend an invitation to those who are the right people to come in order to protect us from any infection and also to be able to respect what we do not wish to be broadcast, should there be anything that they see and we do not wish that to be broadcast. In the years to come of course everything will be shown and talked about, but to begin with it has to be a gradual process. We have had already one of your sensitives who has been able to project herself to some of our people, it is not anyone that you know and she has only just recently been able to effect this, but she will probably be the one with whom I shall speak and then of course there are more of us for later on, now that we know there are to be three more sensitives, then it give us a greater opportunity to have someone ready and available. I hope that does not mean you are getting a chill. Luke – Oh no Miriam (Illia) – That is good, I see that you are suffering a great deal of change in temperature, from one extreme to the other, wet to dry, and cold and hot and that is something that we do not have to put up with, it is the same temperature for us all year around, and that is good. It is one of the reasons why we first made our homes where they are and we have been quite content over the many years, until of course now is the time for us to be made known to your people and also of course to renew our connections with those from other planets who will be coming to speak. For I think that you have been told that we originally come from very far indeed, but was well before my time and I have only been told about it, but of course it is something that we cherish and believe in and have ample proof that this is so. I did ask you once before if you ever had any questions, but I should have given you some warning first. But you will get to know quite a lot lately when we do speak to a larger audience, and I understand that it is going to be a much larger audience now than was first anticipated. So we are getting together everything that we can think of in the way of information, both verbally and physically. And possibly transfiguration to bring proof to people that we are who we say and where we come from and what it is like. For there has to be so much proof now, well I think that that is all I have to say this time and I will be back again before, and perhaps if there is anything you wish to ask you could have it handy. But it matters not, there will be so much talking later on. Luke – Yes Miriam (Illia) – I say goodbye for now

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