Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – Right now it seems we have got something a bit more serious, I can see a hole in the ground, it is white sand and there seems to be a funnel going downwards. Not sure what is down there, seems to be a large sort of insect and this funnel is to trap other insects they slide into is, because it is made out of sand they slide down, and it eats them. Verna – Is he like in the desert? Geoff – Yes, it is on earth, and it is this time. And it is something to do with size, now I have gone above this and looked down and this hole is tiny, so I was inside the hole with this huge insect a few minutes ago, and there is somebody next to me saying everything is relevant, it just depends how you look at it. In a place like this desert, he is showing me a big desert, he is Indian, and this plain that stretches for miles, with three enormous mountains, there is a valley where he was brought up, and even in a place of extreme beauty there are things which you see as being nasty, when you see them in perspective they are not as bad, I am not sure if this is making sense, it is just what he is saying. You must appreciate the overall picture at night in the desert you will get scorpions and large spiders, and snakes, coyotes, freezing temperatures, mosquito’s, not so many, but many types of stinging insects, and yet when you look at this huge valley in the daytime it is beautiful, and peaceful and serene and so on, but you live in this valley and enjoy the beauty by day but there are as in life little nasties everywhere, but it depends how you look upon these little nasties. If you are afraid of the insects of the night, then you either sleep with a fire or make yourself a home or shelter, there are ways to overcome it, but these things are always there, and if you go through life for a long time you will at times stumble across these things. Now as with your material life at the moment, you must look at the overall picture that you have, the love that the two of us have, the family, the kids, the parents, the friends, the experiences we go through, the adventures we have had, the spiritual growth, the helping other people, that is your whole life’s picture. And along the way you will stumble and you will get scared, and you will come across these little nasties, but if you look upon the whole picture, what you have experienced with one of these little mishaps is nothing compared to the whole picture. And therefore you must learn to enjoy the whole of life, and when these small problems come your way, it depends how you look upon them, there may be a small problem, but to you they look a big problem, but know that they are only a problem, and a problem you can push to one side. You can go around it you can get over it but the problem will pass. Those who walk looking down at their feet to look for rocks they expect to stumble over, will stumble. Those that look ahead will be surefooted and will step over the obstacles. We are going now to a series of caves at the end of the valley, which were created many centuries ago by this tribe. And what I am seeing is a long cave cut into the side of a rock, if you can imagine a sheer rock face and somebody is going through it from the side and creating little arches. Now the rock face is probably twice the height of this building, so twice the height of this halfway up the cliff face there is little arches in, and behind those arches is a passageway that goes all along the front of the cliff face. That was cut over many, many years by a dedicated group of craftsmen, they did this so that it would be a place of beauty where they could look out upon this valley, a place where they could go and find peace within themselves. Many of them dedicated a lifetime to creating, or extending this tunnel along the cliff face, and they were happy to do a hard, but mundane job because of two things. Number one they were creating something of beauty, which would be seen be generations to come, and number two they could look out upon this valley and this beautiful scene and be at peace knowing that they had a direction, and that was all they had to do. Should you wish to be still, and escape from the life that you are living for a short period you must come here and sit with peace inside you, and feel the love that comes from the valley, from the people that have lived there, from nature, and from those that have left thoughts here. Remember it as harmony valley, and when you want peace and harmony to balance your system, you must come and sit here and empty your mind and you will be at peace.

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