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In this meditation an old Indian guide channels through Verna and talks about meditation. (1989)
 Verna (Indian Guide)     To meditate is to teach yourself discipline, to teach yourself to concentrate, to teach yourself to think of one thing at a time – intensely so. When you have achieved such things your vibrations will be automatically heightened, but it is called ‘self discipline’ and only with heightened vibrations could you receive the vibrations of others. Geoff     But when we meditate we normally go into some area and wait for guides or helpers to talk to us – to help us – what should we concentrate on then. Verna (Indian Guide)     In your own meditation your vibrations are automatically heightened, and so it is easy for you to communicate and to visualise without interruption. If you have not quietened yourself down, and used your form of concentration and relaxation to heighten your vibrations, you would not easily be able to lift yourself up to the top of a mountain without hearing the distinct ring of the telephone, and it interferes with your senses. This takes time and training. Geoff     Yes. Some days in meditation, I can go very deep and other days it is very difficult to get into meditation. Verna (Indian Guide)     I would compare it with radio waves, sound waves. Geoff     Some days you have clearer reception. Verna(Indian Guide)     Some days you have atmospheric pressure and this causes a disturbance, and the waves are distorted, and when your mind is in need of relaxation, that is the most difficult time, and that is when you need all your discipline for you have distorted your wave lengths. You have to clear the air. It is also good when you go into meditation to think of your mind as air. Imagine it then, with all your thoughts from the outside world – be it an illness, somebody you are concerned of , be it work or whatever – think of those things as maybe a little storm, and then slowly but surely clear the air – stop the lightening, stop the thunder, see the rainbow – and just   by doing this in itself you will not be thinking of the trouble which caused the storm in the first place, you will be too busy thinking of the storm and, therefore, you’ll have one thing out your mind which is the cause of why you had the storm there in the first place, and slowly but surely you will find it easy to get rid of the storm and you will not be thinking of the direct problem. It is a very beautiful exercise because once you have got rid of the storm and the rain, you show yourself your rainbow in your mind and you are back to the spiritual colours. Maybe you would like to try that. Geoff     Yes, it makes sense doesn’t it. Verna (Indian Guide)     Yes, I’m very smart. Geoff     (laughter) Thank you for that.

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