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IS IT OK TO BE RICH?   By SpiritualDictionary.com

The answer is YES! We live in a material world, so if you want material things then that is OK. What you will realize as you progress through your Spiritual life is that you would rather have peace of mind than a huge bank balance. We have been brought up in a material world, and were taught to get a good education, make lots of money and save up for our old age. That is what we were taught and that is what most people do. Let me ask you this question. What if a member of your family was kidnapped, and the ransom was all that you possessed. Would you pay the ransom? Of course you would, there can be no comparison. Now think of your own life, as it is right now. Would you choose to be rich or have peace of mind? Don’t think that being rich brings peace of mind…It can help, but all things are relative. I have a friend who is very stressed because he is losing money, and is down to his last million. He used to have almost 10 million, so he sees the comparison, and feels like he is heading for poverty. Having money can be a curse too. What happens when the money keeps pouring in? What more can you buy yourself? You could move to obtaining power, or you could decide just to do your own thing. A few years ago Verna and I were in Las Vegas for a holiday. While walking down the main strip one evening we sensed a spirit whom we found out was called China Joe. China Joe explained that he won a Chinese eating house in San Francisco in the 1850s by playing poker, and that he enjoyed the vibration of Las Vegas. We ‘talked’ to him several times over the next few days, and he taught us a lot about money. One evening we were walking through the Sands Hotel casino, when Joe pointed us towards the nearest Roulette table and said ‘12’. We watched fascinated as the ball dropped into number 12. He did it again, and again. We knew he would not do it if we took advantage of the situation and bet ourselves. He was just showing us that you can ‘see’ into the future as it already exists. Later that evening we were in meditation talking to our Guides, and I asked ‘Why can’t we take advantage of this, win a few million and feed the starving people in Ethiopia?’ The Guide replied. ‘Why not win a million for everybody. Do you think that it will solve the problem?’ After a few moments for us to think about this, he said. ‘People chose their lives on your Earth to experience. If we simply gave them what they wanted, they would not experience, and therefore not learn. The people of Ethiopia are learning far more about love and caring for one another, than any amount of food or finance could bring.’

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