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ITCHY EYES   By In this meditation Verna and I are doing the healing and Dr. John is the guide channeling through Miriam. Geoff:  It’s someone who has been wandering through pine trees and they’re allergic to some substance in the trees. It is their eyes, they’re itching very badly, and they can’t get out of where they are. Whichever direction they go in they’ve still got miles of these pine trees to go through. And … Miriam (Dr John) They’re beginning to panic. Geoff:  Yes. We will get them to sit quietly for a moment – to sit and think calm down and – we must first of all stop this itching. Miriam (Dr John) And how will you do that? Geoff:  Psychologically -we put it into their mind that there is no longer an itch. It becomes – they will see it as a slight sore but it will no longer be irritating. Miriam (Dr John) Yes. Geoff:  Alright. We put that thought into their minds so they realize that they will have pain, which they can understand. Not severe pain- and then we must point them in the right direction to get out of the woods. I can see the direction that they must go. It’s a young boy. We just turn him in that direction and he will run home, and he will recognize the path, and when he gets there his mother will look after him. It’s not too serious. He is a strong spiritual child. Miriam (Dr John) Yes.

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