Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Its time

It’s time…………..
For the last few years the Earth and its societies have gone through a cleansing process of upheaval, rebellion, war and atrocities………….and extreme weather. We are getting closer to the final chapter.
It takes a long time for change to happen. We put up with problems, we complain about them, we get to hate them and eventually “we” decide to make that change. Not just an individual but a group of people that forms a group energy that leads others and the change begins.
Greed has decimated Rain Forests, depleted fish stocks, cost millions of jobs, financially ruined million of people, corrupt those in power, even advocated mass murder and each day 50 000 babies a day die of starvation. It’s time to change that too.
Now it is a downhill slope for the remainder of those souls who chose the worst lessons. Financial ruin, failure, desperation and suicide.
Remember to never judge though – those who chose to experience the worst lessons will be those that are better equipped to handle progress in future lives.
It’s time for us to start achieving and sharing success – we have had enough hardships.
It’s time to lead others out of the past and show them a better way to live each day.
It’s time to share a little on social sites. People are looking for answers and social sites are the new way to share. Look at them right now and you will see 10 times more “Wise advice” than ever before. The younger generation are the most proliferate users – and the younger generation will be in the forefront of the new era.
What will unite a whole World? You saw what happened after 911 and the 2004 Tsunami – the final chapter of the change will be much bigger. It will ruin lives, ruin economies and ruin Countries, but it will bring us all together so that we can move into the new era as positive group with a chosen direction to go in. The youth of today are rapidly learning and changing and we need to help point them in the right direction.
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