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This is a very interesting tape made in 1991. I asked a question going into meditation – what about peoples of Somalia and their suffering – and Jacob has come along to explain. I start saying what he is telling me, then he takes over and channels. Geoff: The first thing he’s showing me is a big clearing. It is in a wooded area – there are a lot of green trees around, and the ground is covered with chips of wood. What used to be here was part of his village, and all that is left of the village is bits of wood that they used to make their huts. There used to be a spring there. I can see the spring – not very big but enough to give water to this particular area. They grew very basic crops surrounding this little village, and there was continuous water coming from the spring so it was never a problem. As far as he can remember there was never any problem there. Surrounding this village were fields, and they grew crops in the fields, which were sold. They were sold to traders, and also sold to other villagers. That was considered their business. The small crops around the village, was their private garden. In that area now where the fields of crops were, it is now just dusty land. Where the village was, everything possible has been taken out of the village including the wood that made up their dwellings. All that is left is a small spring, with a small circle of water. There is no habitation there. When the drought came, they moved. There was no choice and they felt that the drought was in for a long time. It was three years that they stayed while the drought got worse, and when food ran out and conditions really became bad, they decided to move. Jacob at that stage was very young – maybe 6 or 7. Malnutrition was already common place, and they decided that to stay there would be no benefits so they had to move to somewhere else, wherever that could be. (Jacob takes over here) When they went on their journey, the group broke up into various smaller groups that went into different directions, to follow different types of leads to food, water, employment or whatever. The community as such was then broken up and there were quite a few people in this community who lived in this village. They all ended up going different ways in little groups, and then they split up further. This was all to do with their karma and lessons that they had to experience. Those with harder lessons were led in one direction, and those with easier lessons were led in another. The basic human elements are survival, love, food- and these lessons must be learnt before one can progress to a more modern day society. If you take a new soul – someone completely inexperienced in life on earth as a human being, he must first learn all the basics or the grounding, which will guide him through the rest of his lifetimes. In the past on this planet it has been possible to do this over several lifetimes, but now with the change being so much closer, there must be an improved society of people – or an improved society of souls, intermingled with those that will be left on earth after the change, who will start to teach the civilisation the best way to progress. Therefore, the peoples of Somalia are learning hard lessons and many will be reincarnated over the next century. They are learning the lessons much faster than either you or I have learnt, because of the shortness of time. Their lessons are highly condensed and they learn the hardships of the basics of life, of hunger and starvation, and they also learn how to help one another and the opposite of how bad people can be. How peoples’ characters can change. There are those that help others, and there are those that just help themselves- so when this new civilisation is created and as it develops, it will develop with those experienced with the two extremes. Those who have helped others during the drought, the famine and so on, and those completely the opposite. We must have an equal balance in any society. Their lessons are hard, as we have all had hard lessons in the past. They are no harder than we have already experienced. It is simply that they are condensed into one life, and that in itself is a blessing because they only have to endure one life instead of several, to learn these hardships. It is difficult to watch those that you love suffer, as it is difficult to watch any suffering, especially the children. But if we are to have a civilisation in the future that is well balanced, and will develop surely and strongly, then it is important that these in this lifetime experience it as quickly as possible. Intermingled with these people are others that have requested to come back – firstly to help the others, and secondly, those who wish to go through their karma, who feel that they have not learnt their lessons adequately in the past, and they feel that if they live through this life of suffering, and they help others along the way, it is some compensation for the “wrong doings” of their past lives. It is for their balance of mind, that they choose this before being reincarnated – they are shown the hardships that they will have to endure, and many who realise that during the life that they are going to lead, they will again fail, they still choose to take that life because they know that sometimes you must fail more than once before you can be successful, or experience your lesson the right way. Those that choose to do this are very brave. They need a lot of courage to do this, but knowing what they do from life on the other side, they choose to do so even knowing that they will probably fail. It is a very hard lesson but those that have experienced the lesson are then more adequately prepared to continue helping others in their future lives. The other benefit – if I may call it that – from having a situation such as Somalia, is that the world will see another extreme, the other side of the coin. Those that live in a comfortable and secure environment, see the starving and the pitiful sights through the medium of television, and they begin to understand more how the earth should be far better balanced, and have, if all nations work together, these problems would not exist. This is not for this lifetime. It is for the future, but those that will move into the new age will do so with a greater understanding of what must be done, and what can happen if people do not work together. Miriam: Does it mean that leaders of these countries are often to blame for the greed that they have. Does it mean they are from the Bad Lands, or that they have also chosen this life? Geoff (Jacob) That the leaders are from the Bad Lands? Miriam: Yes. Geoff (Jacob) Not from the Bad Lands. But there are extremes of teaching from one to the other, and you will always find that in leaders of countries there are always some extremes – the exceptionally good to the exceptionally bad. The exceptionally good have a lesson to learn as well, but the lives can be assembled, controlled, by those much higher in spirit, so that there is a person who is reincarnated to run a country such as Somalia – where there is so much grief and suffering, it does not mean that it is his fault that these people are suffering. It may be that there are many types of people that have to go through this suffering for a variety of reasons, and because of that there must be a leader, and that leader could be one of you in this room or somebody else. It is merely to experience a lesson. It does not mean that he is responsible for everything that happens, although it looks like that on the earth plane. Does that answer your question adequately? Miriam: Yes, it makes it a lot clearer because I always understood that people who were suffering like that were from the grey or the black areas, and it was their form of punishment – but obviously not. Geoff (Jacob) It depends on the leader….I will not say if the leader of Somalia is good or bad. If it were a good person such as yourself and you ended up in that situation, you would feel a tremendous guilt for all the people, who you, as the leader, caused suffering to. On the other hand, if you were a bad person it would be different. But somebody from the grey lands – or from the Bad Lands – they want to pay penance for the sins of their past, and they will take on responsibilities which even the best of us would shirk at. It is not necessarily the leader of the country, just to be one of those there who continues with a life of suffering which in itself can be bad enough, but it is what they want – what they have chosen to do. Miriam: That is what I thought. Very, very interesting and it makes things a lot clearer. Geoff (Jacob) Thank you. I will leave now as you have others waiting and it has been my pleasure to help you understand. Miriam: God bless you.

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