Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a guide called John is channeling through Miriam. (August 1991) Geoff – …………….a monk was beheaded in the war, and the other was the Japanese who killed him. The Japanese shortly after he killed this man, died in the same spot, and the monk has returned to release the Japanese, but he is still there. He doesn’t seem to have remorse for what he has done, it was his belief, he is still there, the monk has come to persuade him to cross over, there is somebody half in and half out of me, but I am not sure who it is, I think the Japanese saw the monk directly after he had beheaded him, saw him in spirit form, and his religion has stopped him from passing over, because he believes what he has seen it doesn’t tie up with his religion, that is why he hasn’t passed over, it would be doing the wrong thing, he looks upon it as black magic. So he stayed where he died trying to decide what to do next, in fear. The monk has come to help him, but I don’t think he will pass over this time, it is just to be able to communicate, to show the Japanese that it is not an evil force as he thinks. There are other Japanese who knew this man, surrounding him, above him but he will not look up, he is determined to stay until he can decide what to do.  Is what I have seen right? Miriam (John) – Perhaps you can imagine and put into his mind what an honorable Japanese would do to die, this is John Geoff – Welcome John. Yes, that would put an end to it. The monk should be the one to hand him the sword. This is honorable and he will feel pain because he expects pain, and as he dies for the second time he will reach out and take the hand, or ask for help from the monk and it is then that his friends will come down to help him cross over. Miriam (John) – That is quite right, he may now die an honorable death, and the means and wherefores will be discussed at a later date. Geoff – That is what we must do now. He has accepted this answer, normally it would take a lot of time to prepare but for some reason, in spirit we can do it immediately, it is as if the time was condensed. Miriam (John) – Now he will be happy. Geoff – He has done it, I can feel no anguish for him, I can see what is happening, the monk and his friends all surround him and they give him the feeling that he expected to feel, dying that honorable death, and this is the higher vibration who will help him to pass over to the other side, and they immediately take him over. The monk has remained behind, no need for him to go with this group, for his side of his work has been done, and he thanks us and moves on. Miriam (John) – Not an easy one, my friend, but you did very well.

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