Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation a guide called Grey Wolf is channeling through Miriam. I am Astral projecting to various lessons. Geoff – I have many monks in saffron robes in India, and they have a small monastery in the middle of a city, Karachi is the city, teaming with people, so much life, as far as you can see it is teaming with people, and houses one on top of the other. A poor society, but one which has it has wealthy traders down to the very poor, and even the wealthy traders, their shops are tiny to fit in with the local people. Outside where they live or the apartments that they live in, but they have all the luxuries that money can buy. I haven’t gone into the monastery as yet, because I am going through the town, and there is a group feeling here, that is what I have to see. These monks want help with this group feeling. I can see two things, I can see the daily hub of life is very happy and the people themselves are very happy, they talk and laugh, and they have a closeness and an understanding. A closeness for people with similar status. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Do you think you have been there before? Geoff – I am not sure at the moment, but there is something which is overshadowing what I am seeing, and that is a black, it looks like a black sheet, like a huge sheet of black metal above the town, it is immense and it is indicating a blankness and emptiness. There is some ingredient missing, the future of this area, spiritual progression has stopped in the area, in the whole city. There is nothing, no spiritual development at all in this city, now there are two places to go, the monastery and up into the emptiness.  And I think I will go to the emptiness, to understand what created it and how. And this is the answer that the people at the monastery want. This is very hard to believe. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – It is. Geoff – But I can understand the answer, the emptiness that has been created by a race of people from a long way off. They are advanced, very, very much advanced and this is merely an experiment to see the reaction over a period, and this is the only reason they are doing it, they mean no harm. But they have not thought any further, they have not developed any further spiritually, it is one of the extremities of progression. As we know as you go through life there are so many different dimensions, as you go from one extreme to the other, this group of people, this race of people have developed over many hundreds of centuries and they have withdrawn most of the emotion, they exist mainly without emotion, it is all mechanically created, a very, very highly intellectual society that can create whatever it needs, for comfortable existence and also longevity they have conquered, but the one ingredient they have lost, or left out is emotion, love, understanding, spiritual progression. And they are there as an example to others, others can learn from them and they will in time learn themselves the error they have made. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Very difficult to understand. Geoff –I can see far clearer than I can explain. The removal of this is using the mind, using the energies of the monks who called me there. I will go into this emptiness to one particular place, which is the central point for information. There are no people as we know them in the emptiness it is just controlled by this race in the future. And what I will do is go and communicate and try and explain, well let’s go and see what happens anyway. The monks are sitting in meditation and their energy is for me to use, and the energy is very interesting because I move from there to this central point, I am connected to them by thick white cloud, which is an extension of their energy, and as I move away more energy is pulled into them and pushed out to me, for they are drawing energy from a variety of different sources. But it is a very strong energy. And I will enter the central point. The communication is very simple, they are making the communication simple with their experience and their technical development, we had a very brief conversation, which wasn’t so much in words but in understanding. Their minds are so far developed that is was simply a matter of reading my mind and passing information backwards and forwards. And a discussion, which would normally take half an hour, took place in a few seconds. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – A computer brain. Geoff – But devoid of emotion, they apologise for what was done, being so highly developed they looked upon the peoples of Karachi as being so primitive, that they had not thought that anything could be felt. And as they know so little of emotion, it did not make any difference to tell them about emotion, it was merely politeness because it was pointed out that there was some harm being done that they immediately withdrew, which is being done right now. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Yes it is, they have forgotten all about emotions. Geoff – The energy that was left from this brief transaction was sent after the emptiness and the thought was communicated to these future people, and they will keep that as one would keep a piece of information, which could be studied in later years. Now I just want to go back to this monastery for a moment. I think this is not something that I did a few moments ago; it is something that I did lifetimes ago. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Yes, that is why I said you had been before. Geoff – Hmm, and what you were showing me how the mind is used with this new form of healing that we will be doing. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Something different again. Geoff – And when I did it in that lifetime, I was a monk in that monastery, I was the most experienced in that monastery. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – You were the senior as they called themselves then.

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