Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



 Questioner – Is karma a human response to crime and punishment, or is it purely for improvement? Verna (Channeling) – I would like to accept your second statement, it is for improvement. You have chosen to come back to earth this time to learn certain lessons which you knew you never learnt or achieved in the last life, so you have chosen to learn those lessons, but we are very smart together with the help of God, he gives us all these little duties to do and he takes ZAP, your memory away and you have to hope and pray to God that you remember why you chose to come back! And that is your first step, it is not easy, and we watch from up here, especially people who have chosen to come back and be not punished, but hurt and injured in some way to help teach other people. You might have come back and not needed to learn many lessons yourselves, but you might go through, excuse the expression ‘hell on earth’ to be able to teach some soul which you looked down on while you were up here in a higher vibration, and so some children are really ill treated.   We were brought a little girl a while ago who was burnt, she chose, this little soul to come down to teach a kind mother, whose spirit has been destroyed on earth through taking the wrong path and meeting the wrong people and being too easily influenced. And through the tension and the trauma that this dear soul was put through, she burnt her own little girl, and this little girl came back knowing full well that she was going to go through this torture, I bring the story up as I was here the night that the little girl was brought for healing. She is much better, now that girl came down, with not many lessons to learn, but such a brave soul went through all that agony to help teach another soul. Now if that is not a wonderful story, and she is doing well. I will say that if any of you are brave enough to come down and help someone else, you get little perks and special treatment and help because you have come down with great love and you will advance fast, but your karma might then change very fast, you have chosen your karma or your karma has been chosen for you, you were aware of it before you come down to earth, and as you grow, the faster you grow, the more you become aware of love and light and giving and understanding and all the ways spiritual, God’s way of living, you can change your own karma.  

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