Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Karma is a very much abused and often misunderstood word. The general thinking is that if you do something to somebody, then at some stage in this life or the next you will experience the opposite. So when something bad happens to you in this life, then people say it is your Karma. Not true! There is a Universal law, which says, ‘You get what you give’ and ‘Treat others as you would expect them to treat you’ This is a Universal law that works with energy. Basically if I abuse you then I can ‘expect’ to be abused back. Or if I am nice to you then I ‘expect’ you to be nice to me. Try it and you will experience it. So what happens when you have a disaster in your life? You chose it. You chose your Karma! Let’s say that you chose to experience divorce in this lifetime, and that to make sure you learned the lesson well you chose to be divorced ‘up to’ 3 times. You then may well go through 3 divorces. But, if you learned your lesson well the first time, and FULLY UNDERSTOOD the lesson, then your Karma will change, and there is no reason to go through the other 2. Another and more common example is being taken for a ride financially. This is an important one as today’s World and its peoples are centered around material things far too much. It has gone to the extreme where people will lie and cheat on their friends and others just for financial gain. Corporations will, and often do, ignore loss of human life for the sake of profit. Rainforests are being destroyed, Natural and economical healing remedies are being suppressed, and wars started all in the name of profit. Wealth becomes power, and power can be, and is abused. The World’s financial markets are getting out of control. The rich are getting richer, and yet 50 000 people die every day from starvation. The balance has gone and needs to be restored. So when you choose to lose financially, then it is a valuable lesson to you, as you understand to what measures others will go to simply for financial gain. So you must ‘Live in truth’ at all times. If you are true to yourself, then your footsteps through this life are according to the choices that you have taken upon yourself to walk for your Soul while on Earth. You have free will on Earth, and can change your Karma if you wish, but remember that you chose it to begin with.

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