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King Edward


This next one is a bit of history. As usual I am being shown what the event is and there is a Guide called Mr Wu channeling through Miriam. Geoff: Right – the next one is a sort of tent or marquee, and one section is open and I’m going inside. There is some form of royalty there and this seems to be 40/50 years ago. Miriam (Mr Wu) Or longer. Geoff: The Royalty is an old King whom I’d recognise if I saw him again. Maybe the turn of the century. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: It’s in – I think it’s called Hampton Palace – that’s the …’s like an historical home – Hampton Palace. Miriam (Mr Wu) You’re quite right. Geoff: Good. Miriam (Mr Wu) All your guesses are – not your guesses but you are picking it up very well. Geoff: Now, this is off to one side in the grounds. It’s not a big affair – its family and few important guests. It’s some event, which is what I am trying to see. Miriam (Mr Wu) That is what we want you to see. Geoff: It was very significant with a ….. I think it was a Russian Czar and he was meeting King Edward. They held a meeting there and it was very important to the future of Europe and Poland, something to do with that area, and why you want me to see it is because he was surrounded by spirit. This was one occasion where the right decision had to be made – it was very important that it had to be made, and a lot of spirit helped change one person’s way of thinking or persuaded him to say the right thing – something along those lines Miriam (Mr Wu) We are allowed that at times. Geoff: You have to be careful when you come up with names and so on, because I’ve learnt so much about, Czars and Kings, and so on and when I start to talk about an event I may think of the history I already know about that event. In this particular case I don’t know anything but, this is one of the dangers so you must just have total faith and say what you see, instead of trying to think about it…. Miriam (Mr Wu) That is the best way. Geoff: I can see a horse drawn open carriage, I can see a cane, the Czar, – they both have canes – the Czar has a cloak, the king has a big round disc on the left side of his chest, which is what he wore for this particular occasion – some rank in the navy, army or whatever. They had a formal meeting, and afterwards there was a discussion between just the two of them, and a few people in the background were talking in this marquee, and that is when spirit influenced them to make the right decision. The Czar had a….. he looked after a particular territory, which was part of Poland and part of Russia. That was his territory. Maybe Poland wasn’t a Country then. The advice or the discussion was about how he basically treated his people. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: He was a good Czar, and wanted to treat his people fairly – be nice to everybody – but because of the state of the government of the Countries to the north of him which he was associated with in some way, they wanted him to do……they wanted to tax the people more, and put them into groups to use them – and therefore make sort of two classes of people – total peasants and total rich, with nothing in-between which is what he was against. His meeting with the King was to ask indirectly how it sort of worked in England and – no, he didn’t really want support from the King, but just that he had to find someone in a similar situation in a way, because who else was there for him to turn to. It had to be someone outside of his own country. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, it did. Geoff: And therefore the king was the easiest person for him to get to visit, who would have the facilities to find out what he wanted. Miriam (Mr Wu) You have it right. But now I would like you to look at the face of the Czar and tell me who he reminds you of. Geoff: I’m going to stop the tape there because the final part isn’t really important. I couldn’t recognise the face but I did at a later date. If there are any historians out there who know what this meeting could be – it was around the turn of the century, 1900 – 1910 which when, I think, King Edward ruled so if you know anything, please let me know and maybe we can fill in a few gaps.

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