Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation (1989) we have been discussing living in truth. Two guides channel through Miriam. The first being Julian, and the second being a regular Guide called White Feather.
Julian:    I have listened with interest to your meditation tonight and it was a very good one. I have not been here before, but I could not resist the light that was shining and I am glad I did – or I should say, I’m glad I did not resist. To analyse one’s self takes a great deal of courage and a great deal of truth. For, after all, it is no good telling lies to yourself. And only you know what is in your mind and how you are feeling. One must never start off analysing too deeply to begin with, for, I think, that you would become very depressed. You think you are such a person and then you find deep within that you are nothing like that person at all. So, start off gently, putting down, if you like, the for and against, the type of person you are, the type of person you would like to be. The thoughts that you have. How you can correct them. But do it gradually in your meditation. There is a lot that can be done if one only will be truthful to yourself. Do you really want to do this? Do you really want to have that? Are you happy with the way that you spoke to that person? Are you happy with anything that you are doing? Are you reaching too high? Are you not reaching high enough, but content just to let things pass by? So many things are there to be analysed, but they must be done gradually. They must be done truthfully and you will be surprised what a difference it will make to your life. To cultivate an inner peace within you should be the first thing that you do, for if your mind is not at peace, how can you analyse yourself properly? You will have angry thoughts that are distorting words that you are trying to put together. You may be jealous. You may think that that person has more than you do. That person should be doing this, but that is their life. That is their Karma and you must concentrate on your own. A very, very good meditation. I will not say too much tonight because you do have a lot to think about, but I will come back another time and ask how you are progressing and see if you are managing to analyse yourselves. I shall not ask you to say anything you would not like to say. But anything that you want to bring into the open, sometimes it is much better for you for if you hear it spoken aloud, it is better than just thinking it. Now, this is the first English that I have spoken for many and many a year. But I do not think I am doing too badly. Geoff:     You are doing very well. Julian:    My name is Julian and you were going to ask a question. Geoff:     Only what your name and language was, Julian. Julian:     Czechoslovakian. But that is a long, long time ago and except in exceptional circumstances; we do not speak anything but the language of the vessel through whom we channel. And I don’t think you are prepared already for another language tonight. This vessel could get her tongue around the words. Now, I shall say goodnight and God Bless you and think carefully of what I have said and I shall listen to see if anyone discusses what they had while they were meditating tonight. May the lights of the Lord shine down upon you and stay with you forever more. Geoff:     Thank you, and Bless you. White Feather:      I also have been listening, and I should ask you to do what has been suggested that you do in a light-hearted way, but not too light hearted that you are not self- critical enough. Because with a little every day, if you were to meditate and analyse correctly, don’t kid yourself that what you’re doing is what you really want to do or that what you said was the right thing to do or if what you did was the right thing to do. Make sure that you are telling the truth to yourself. Now, I really must go and there’s nobody else coming. God Bless you. Geoff:     Thank you. Isabel:     Do you have to analyse yourself on the other side too? Geoff:     When you cross over, you look back on your life, and you judge whether or not you did the right things and how many brownie points you got. But on earth, only you know exactly what you feel, but quite often, you can kid yourself that you’re thinking something – you’re doing the right thing when it’s wrong or vice versa. You’ve actually got to look at yourself. That’s what makes it heavy, actually, looking at yourself and you try to be – you try to find fault with what you’re doing. Isabelle:          Yes. Geoff:     And you tend to be very, very critical. But quite often people end up believing what they want to believe instead of what’s actually happening. They do it for so long, they tell other people for so long, that eventually, it becomes truth to them. If they sit down and think about it, they’ll realise it’s not really true. Miriam:     I’m gradually beginning to see, the faults that I have are being whittled away. I mean, I no longer want a lot of material things that I did when I was young. Materials things don’t worry me one little bit, so that’s one thing crossed off, and I haven’t got to worry about it. I’m learning to understand emotions. Jealously for instance, you’ve got to dissect the fact that it’s somebody else’s life. It’s no good you being jealous of someone unless it’s effecting you directly, because they’ve got to live their lives, you see? I think, I’m chipping away. It’s getting a little bit clearer, but I still have got a long way to go. I’ve got to think when people say something, you’ve got to think, it’s not always the way you take it. Because sometimes you say something yourself and you don’t – you know what you mean by it, not being offensive. But somebody might pick it up offensively. Geoff:     Yes. Miriam:     Therefore, if somebody says something offensive to you, you’ve got to think, well, is she saying it or he saying it the way I’m taking it, or have they got something else in mind? And that, I find, is still a little bit difficult to accept, you know, to slow down enough and think. Geoff:     Yes, it is not their action, but your reaction. Miriam:     But it takes a lot of doing. Geoff:     Yes, it does. Miriam:     To be true to yourself is a very, very difficult thing. Geoff:     Yes. Miriam:     Not to brainwash yourself into what you think you want or that what you’re doing is right and… Geoff:     Or what you think you should be doing. Miriam:                     What you should be doing. Very difficult. Geoff:     Yes. Miriam: I’m getting there. I can see a bit clearer, but I’ve still got a long way to go. Miriam:  In my garden, (Peace center in Meditation) when I go there, I mean, I can be completely at peace no matter what’s wrong or anything – completely at peace. Geoff:  How did you do Margaret? Margaret:     I don’t know. I think I was asking more for help or sorting out some problems, but not necessarily analysing me. Geoff:     If you’ve got problems it’s difficult to analyse yourself. But you can sit down with those problems, as I was saying just now, and you just take them one at a time and you work at what is the best thing – what is the real intention behind those problems, and you see all aspects of it, and then make a decision based on what you see. When you come out of meditation, you can feel much more emotion. When you’re in meditation, you’re at peace, and you don’t have this heavy emotion and then you can analyse far better what you’re seeing and your problem. Margaret:       I came back reluctantly. Geoff:     Reluctantly, why? Because it was peaceful up there? Or because you were sorting out your problems? Margaret:       Because it was peaceful. I wanted to stay in the field by the children. Geoff:     Yes, that is your peace center. That is what you created, and you control the whole thing. Okay, what we’ve just done is – once you’ve done it a few times, it’s not bad, you actually can enjoy going in there and sorting out your own problems. Then you realise they’re not really problems at all. They’re just small situations that you can sort out one way or another. And you actually look forward to sorting them out and making it better, or making yourself better. But what you felt when you were there and what you felt when you came out was a very heavy vibration. What we’ll do now just for a few short minutes is change the vibration in the circle. Just sit comfortably and close your eyes again. Your centers are already open, so you don’t have to worry about that and go back to your oak tree. Now, back at this oak tree and this lake, this is your peace center. You can come here and you can get away from it all. What you do in this area is entirely up to you. It’s, like, being on earth; you’ve got free will. You think of this place as being quiet, I don’t know, religious in a way because of what you’ve learned about meditation, what it means to you, but this peace center has not only peace in it. It has everything you want, everything that can be in your imagination can be in this center. You can do whatever you like here at the center. And you’ll keep visiting this center for many, many years to come. You’ll find that it’s got all sorts of extensions, and every now and again, you find other extensions. You go and have a look at that and you find some experience here or some lesson there. What I want you to do now is just raise up off the ground about six inches and drift out towards the center of the lake and drag your toes across the top of the water. Quite a sensation, isn’t it? Just feel your cool toes. Drag a little faster, so you get a nice spray left behind you, just like a boat. You can do that quite easy and then stop and slowly sink down in the water. The water is crystal clear. Feel the water creeping up your legs, up across your body until you’re under the water. And you’ll just stand hovering or swimming or whatever you feel like doing. You look around underwater and if you want some fish, you put some fish there. If you want turtles, or crabs, or sea anemones. Whatever you feel like just put it in there. Okay, then come straight up out of the water and just keep on going up. As you keep on going up, you see your lake getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Surrounding the lake you can see the tops of the mountains and their getting smaller and smaller. You can see the snow on the mountains. Now, put a rainbow in from where you are at the moment going down to the top of one of the mountains, those mountains covered in snow. Sit on the rainbow and slide all the way down and as you get closer to the bottom, you just put your feet out and you’ll slow down and you’ll end up standing on top of the mountain. And you can feel beneath your feet, all the snow. It’s ice cold. The snow starts to melt as you’re standing there and you realise you’ve got bare feet. Now, standing right on the top of this mountain, one side of it is absolutely sheer. I want you to lean outwards over this massive drop below you. Just fall forward and float down to the bottom. See, you can do whatever you like in meditation. Whatever you feel like doing. If you feel in a good mood, you go flying or you go underwater or you go underground. When you’re flying, you’re flying right next to the seagulls or ducks or even an Eagle. Whatever you feel like, you can do. And also, it’s great to take the kids because they love this sort of thing. So, just call a few Spirit kids in and straightaway you’ll sense that there are children there. They won’t come into your meditation unless they’re invited. So, invite them in and you’ve got stacks of kids flying with you. And then, decide what you want to do next. I’ll give you two minutes and you just get up to everything you feel like doing and then come out of meditation. Geoff: Everybody’s sort of got ambitions and dreams and things they love to do, you know. Like flying….. You can do all of those in meditation and when you’re in a good mood, you get the right vibrations, nice and happy. It’s great. Geoff:     Another thing you can do very nicely in meditation is face fears. I can go and face spiders in meditation and they don’t worry me because I know I’m safe. That’s part of this falling off a cliff for anybody that’s afraid of heights. Now, you see how the vibrations have changed?  

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