Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation Geoff is channeling/talking. Geoff (Channeling)– I have got a very nice man, the vibrations he gives off are very nice, he is wearing a cape with green around the neck, with a very beautiful face, one that you can immediately trust and take to, and the feeling of this vibration is also part of our learning. Verna – Like total love. Geoff (Channeling)– He has something with him which looks like a big cylinder, like a bomb shape, but I cannot see what it is, he is telling me that I must have total trust in what I see, and this was the reason that we were given the vibrations of trust and love. It is something quite unusual, the children can watch, and he will now open this canister to show us. It is full of tiny insects, like ladybirds, thousands of them, and as I put my hand inside this canister, they swarm up my arms and around my body and my head. And I feel their communication with me and know that they are working as one group mind, they are also giving to me a vibration of animal love, which is similar to the feeling to that you get of a pet that you have had for many years, and you know that you can trust and love completely and it is returned. Their communication, they are completely all over me, going through my hair, avoiding my nostrils and mouth and so on. As one group mind, they can communicate through thought form and vibration, and they are sent by the nature spirits to show to us how a group mind can communicate and is in existence, but the message that they want to pass on is that in the area where they live as we walk through a wood or forest or wherever, if we send out vibrations to them, they can be returned by those parts of the group mind that are in the area, and normally they all stick together. There is no fear on either side and should we walk, as an example they show me, through a wood of pine needles and accidentally tread on a stream of ants or insects, it is the same as with us as if we were pricked with a pin, it is one part of our whole being which has been damaged but not seriously, so we should not feel bad about insects trapped in spider’s webs or spiders killed here on the carpet or with fly spray. Miriam – Can I ask a question? Geoff (Channeling) – Please do. Miriam – I have some baby spiders trapped in between double-glazing in the door, and I don’t know what to do about them. Geoff (Channeling) – It is of no consequence. It is as the hairs that you have on your head, and one or two become damaged, they feel no pain or fear because they have not developed to that stage yet. It is a minor lesson; it is as a human you would learn one single letter in a sentence, that experience will be taken back to the group soul, with many thousands of others before a picture is made. Verna – If we had to kill them by accident, it that different to killing them on purpose, would the vibrations cause a different reaction. Geoff (Channeling) – No, because at the level of insects they must learn the difference, they are as you would be in preschool and you are taught the different things that can happen to you, and they must learn both ways. I will put them back now and return to you this channel, the experience has been one for both this circle and our insect friends. Verna – And it has been a wonderful lesson. Geoff (Channeling) – I give our thanks, my friends, and God be with you. Verna – And God be with you and your little friends. Geoff – And he has taken them away now. And the children were fascinated, because I was sitting in this group of children, and all these things crawling all over me, it was incredible, that is why they had to be put into a container. The person who brought those insects was a higher spirit that works with the nature spirits and teaches his side of life to the nature spirits who are more concerned with the surroundings than with human behavior. The feeling was too beautiful, to actually communicate with insects, and the message they were giving was that when we walk in the wood or secluded forest or on our own, if we give out love to whatever is around, and I can see several different groups of group souls, it is as if all ants were one lot, and crickets one lot and so on. And as you give out this love, they can actually pick it up as a group, and send it back to you and you will be able to feel this as you progress, and that is why you can sit in a beautiful place like a quiet wood, or glade of daffodils or next to a river  – if what you feel in your heart is total peace and happiness, and that is what you send out and it is returned by all the creatures belonging to the nature spirit kingdom, and it is a form of unwinding and relaxation, and they are actually

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