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After being shown how we could foresee the next numbers to come up on the roulette tables in Las Vegas, we asked Ishmael, who channels through Miriam, the following question…
Geoff – Let me give you a difficult question. I asked this question a couple of weeks ago. The objective is to teach people about living God’s way and how to help others and so on, and there is such a lot that could be done to spread the word. Now, if for instance, I wanted to go ahead and teach other people, it would be far easier to have several million pounds to advertise the fact, so if I went into a casino, I know you can predict numbers, or guides can tell me what the next number coming up on the roulette table would be, or the next horse to win a race, what’s wrong with me winning a few million pounds tomorrow for instance, just to exaggerate a point, and me spending the rest of my life teaching people about spiritualism? Miriam (Ishmael) – It sounds a very good idea, but it would not attract the right kind of people, yes I know you think it would, but if you think about all those who have made their mark, on the religious side and I am not just talking about spiritualism, it is done by example. And I know you have to have money to live on, and you will never really want, when it is needed God will provide it, if it is to further his work. But to make things easy for you, it would not be right just to provide you with the means, money wise. Geoff – Not so much to make it easier for me, but to, I mean there are places where people are starving who have never heard of God or spiritualism or whatever, it could be that they are all going through karma, and they all have to starve and half of them have to die, I mean you could prevent that, and at the same time teach. Miriam (Ishmael) – You will be guided to exactly where the need is greatest that you can fulfill to the best of your ability and the knowledge that we shall give you, now that sounds like a bit of waffling, but it is not meant to be. You are not in a position to go to the deprived countries, which is what you are thinking about mostly, and there are, I can truthfully tell you this, there are many people there working among them to bring them to the fulfillment of their karma in this life, which as you know those who are very much deprived and starving are the ones who have graduated from the grey lands and the black lands. So they have many lives to live before they can progress to the people, say that are more closer to you, so do not think that they are not being helped, they are, they have already progressed to be able to come back to earth, because it is many, many a long time before they are even ready for that. Your sympathy and all the good wishes and love that you send will be a tremendous help, but for you to actually go among them is not for you, your forte is going to be healing, and it will be in a different way to what you have seen the majority of people doing now, which is just the laying on of hands. You are already beginning a different type of healing in your Thursday circle. I hope that answers a little bit of the question. Geoff – Interesting question and a very good answer, thank you. Miriam (Ishmael) – We know what is in your heart, and we know that you would like to dive in amongst those people and give your all, but it would not be to their advantage, really for they are being guided by special people, who have come down to earth particularly for that reason, and nothing else. It may seem very harsh when you see all these people starving and wondering why it is allowed, but if you can understand that it is their karma, and that they must get out of it the best way they can, with the help that they are being given.

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