Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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1134 Guide explains how Nature is rebalanced(Audio)
1135 New energies for the workplace(Audio)
1136 Energy in wars(Audio)
1137 New Pyramid for communication(Audio)
1138 Fear for their religion during the change
1139 Einstein agrees he was wrong(Audio)
1140 Next Los Angeles earthquake(Audio)
1164 Golda meyer helps Gaza war(Audio)
1165 New tolerance in Israeli war Nov 12th(Audio)
1234 Spirit explains how they can re-create feelings(Audio)
1235 Sharons memories kept in new pyramid(Audio)
1236 Shan teaching on the other side(Audio)
1237 Women leaders in the far East, plus war in North Korea (Audio)
1238 How Vietnam will change(Audio)
1239 How the change affects Ireland, Europe and the USA(Audio)
1240 New areas created via Bush fires(Audio)
1117 New way containers will travel (Audio)
1118  One new weapon per Country is coming (Audio)
1119  New colors and memories to use to create(Audio)
1121  Verna explains in detail where she first passed over to(Audio part 1)
1121 Spirit continues to explain in detail what happens when you cross over (Part 2) Audio
1121   Part 3 what happens when you cross over (Great audio)
1228 Guide explains new forms of energy (Audio)
1229 Energy wanted for the Pakistani floods (Audio)
A great talk with a Spiritual teacher about how nature develops (Audio)
A brilliant chat with spirit about how the best memories are used when recreating nature (Audio)
How nature and its DNA will change (Good audio)
Spirit talks about how law and order will be during the change (Audio)
How the change will effect the wealthy (Audio)

1047 Civil unrest in China (Audio) Nov23

1048 G and S new energy for the change(Audio)

1049 Guide explains automation under the sea(Audio)

1050 How Geoff and Sharon will dispense energy(Audio)

1051 How the rich will adjust their finances(Audio)

1052 Many small groups helping with the change(Audio)

1053 Nature man chats (Audio)

1054 Past leaders cross over and help the next generation(Audio)

1057 Past Souls helping with the Israeli war Nov 23(Audio)

1058 Planet of Nature conversing with itself (Audio)

1059 PYO on farms after the change(Audio)

1060 Toothless Indian teaches Spirit children about nature(Audio)

1061 Updating nature energies from memories Part 1(Audio)

1062 Updating nature energies from memories Part 2(Audio)

1063 Updating nature energies from memories Part 3(Audio)

1064 Visitor describes his planet and nature conversing with itself(Audio)

1065 Visitor explains updating nature energies from memories(Audio)

1066 Visitor explains updating with memory trees(Audio)

1067 Visitor talks about living in the ice age(Audio)

1068 A Guide gives advice on New beginnings (Audio)

1069 Spiritual teacher explains Alien involvement with Earth

1070 Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones chats about his life when he was here. Very interesting

1044 Orphanages
1044 Communicating easier with those on the other side
1043 Orphanages
1042 Homeless people in the UK
1041 Refuges camps level the playing fields
1040 Nature corrects damage by floods in Pakistan
1040 Nature corrects damage by floods in Pakistan
1039 Faster understanding than you can believe
1039 A collection of thought forms
1038 Faster understanding than you can believe
1037 Things the last generation didn’t learn
1036 How storms are helping with the change
1035 How nature will handle Microplastics
1034 Tiny beetle Aliens on an outing
1033 The difference between men and women
1032 Correcting Religious energy
1031 New energy brought in from the sea
1026  Verna visits and brings Patrick
1024 Helping cats pass over
1023 Clarity can bring peace to relationships
1022  Clarity
1021 Groundhog day lesson
1020 Handy the Robot visits
1019 Anxiety energy
1017 Energy to destroy and repair (Part 3) Africa, Asia, America
1016  Energy to destroy and repair (Part 2) Harlem
1015  Energy to destroy and repair (Part 1)
1012 South Africa and the poor
1011  A wake-up for the Russian people
1010 Oct 2022  Change in India and China
1007 Where do your Prayers go?
1006 A Guide explains how they teach Buddhist Women
1005 An in-depth explanation as to what God really is (Very good)
1004  A Communication Portal made of crystals
1004 What we do is not what we imagine
1004 Cowboys, Indians and pure thoughts
1002 Nature looks after itself (Fish)
1001 Black Ending or finishing energy
1000  Rebuilding energy

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