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In this meditation I am experiencing when I first learnt to Astral Travel. The Guide channeling through Miriam is Ishmael.
Geoff: I have somebody with me who has come to show me one specific lesson. I can’t recognise who it is, but normally I don’t get to feel spirit, although I know they are there, this one I actually felt very closely. Its back in Tibet, this spirit is someone I have worked with many times before in Tibet, he specialises in teaching people in that area, and continues to learn about that area. It seems to be one area of spiritualism that he is learning, and he has taken it to an extremely high degree. Now we are right on top of some cliffs, its breezy up here, there is a lot of dried shrub, and it would normally be very cold, icy cold…..the rocks in the cliff are very loose and down below is a long meandering stream which goes down to a sort of gorge, and continues out the other side. It is a very desolate place. Miriam (Ishmael) But you have lived so many of your lives there. Geoff: Lived so many of my lives there? Miriam (Ishmael) Yes in Tibet Geoff: Yes, again I can sort of recognise the countryside, that is why I said in the beginning it is Tibet because I recognise it by seeing it, although I have never been there. (In this life) rather than by sensing it. Now, we are walking upwards along this cliff, its going just a little higher to where there is a flat ledge, the climb up here is an awfully long way. He is behind me, he is about 6 foot 9, very tall and thin which was quite unusual in those days. The walk up from the bottom from where we came in must have taken four or five hours. The feeling of walking up all that way, although it is very dangerous and very strenuous, the feeling is something which I haven’t felt before in this life. It is as if time is immaterial, we don’t have to get there in time for lunch, or before the sunsets, or whatever. It is just a feeling of -that is where we are going, and so just be a peace and go however long it takes. Miriam (Ishmael) It matters not how long it takes Geoff: Right at the top now there is a very smooth rock, it is semi circular right at the top, maybe 20 feet across, and we can look out now over the hills of Tibet. It is probably the highest point for miles around, you can see dozens of mountains in front of me. Directly in front of me is this huge drop into the gorge with the river at the bottom, and behind that are the mountains and hills stretching right back to the horizon. What we are going to do is meditate here for the evening– No not to meditate
Miriam (Ishmael) No
Geoff: We are going to watch the sun go down, and then we will start a fire and eat, and then we will communicate with spirit again, and they will materialise the same as they did in the last life we were discussing.
Miriam (Ishmael) Yes.
Geoff: Now it is dark, we have had our buttered tea – (laughing) Miriam (Ishmael) (laughing) Not an acquired taste, something that is tolerated, something that always has been through necessity’ Geoff: But the taste is as good as us having the same beverage of our own these days, because it is something you are used to. It is now very dark, and the stars are absolutely crystal clear, the feeling is like being on top of the world. Miriam (Ishmael) You think you could touch the stars couldn’t you’ Geoff: Yes beautiful, it really is and other spirits are now joining us, but what is most strange- it took a while for me to work that out, is what I am witnessing is myself in that life astral travelling. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes You are. Geoff: It’s very confusing, (laughing), so these spirits came to join us, and only I astral traveled, not my companion. He kept watch to see that my physical was not disturbed, and I moved up, and I am now much much higher, looking down and it is so clear -and I have got spirit here with me- and they will take me from here to the different dimensions and places where I have to visit- this is like the exit point. Now I do this to learn- obviously to learn. Going back to the top of the mountain for a minute, at that height the air is very thin, very cool and there are no distractions, which makes it the ideal place to communicate. The thought is not that the higher up the mountain you get, the closer you are to spirit, not that at all. Its just that the higher up the mountain you are the further away you from any form of distraction, and the more you can concentrate clearly on what you have to do, so you go there to improve your technique if you like. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes you do Geoff: What I am experiencing now is basically I am a mile or so above the mountain top where I was, and I am experiencing the feeling of freedom and being able to travel, move and fly around – for want of a better word. Because when you first start to astral travel it is not all automatic, you have to be taught how to travel and how to move, and this is what I am being taught, what I am seeing is myself being taught. The feeling of weightlessness and travel is superb and……… Miriam (Ishmael) Such freedom’ Geoff: Total freedom- and this is just the beginning. Those around me, let me see if I can recognise anyone. Now Ephram comes to mind straight away, I don’t know if that was put there?
Miriam (Ishmael) Yes’
Geoff: It was Ephram, because I haven’t seen Ephram since literally the first year I started meditation. Miriam (Ishmael) That is right Geoff: Ephram is one of my Teachers too. Miriam (Ishmael) Can you see anyone else you can recognise’ Geoff: Yes Miriam (Ishmael) I thought you would Geoff: Yes, but I can’t think of his name- he is the camel trader as I remember him from an Egyptian life. Miriam (Ishmael) It matters not what his name is. Geoff: It’s a similar name – Usuf – that’s it. There was someone very strong in silver, who is a very close connection to me, and that is the Cardinal, yes the Cardinal Miriam (Ishmael) It is the Cardinal Geoff: I am seeing him as the sort of highest qualified spirit. Automatically when I think of the Cardinal, I think of him how he was when I rescued him, and I can now see a different version of him but the same sense. Miriam (Ishmael) But you knew it was him Geoff: Yes I will have to get used to these different……….. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes there are so many, so many Geoff: That is right, even myself, Miriam (Ishmael) It gets very confusing after awhile until you get used to it. Geoff: I have such a strong feeling with this Cardinal a very strong connection, but it was not from the rescue -it goes back many lifetimes. There are all sorts of things we could do, but they are all just different ways of learning in astral. They want to show me something more. I can see the sun coming up in the distance because we are so high, it is pitch dark at the bottom. As the sun comes up I will go back down below, and take over my body again and they will disappear. The feeling it has left me with is a feeling of just experiencing astral travel for the first time, or experiencing several hours with spirit, gives you this feeling of total happiness, joy, euphoria and so on. Now that coupled with being on top of this mountain as dawn breaks with all serenity, beauty, nature and this feeling inside, gives you a feeling of the utmost happiness and peace -exaltation is a good word. Miriam (Ishmael) That you could achieve while on earth Geoff: Yes, and it was just absolutely perfect Miriam (Ishmael) Very uplifting Geoff: It certainly was, and again I can smell the air, I can feel the coolness of the wind of the air moving, I can hear the blades of grass around me, and the plants moving slightly in the wind, and I can hear grit under the heal of my hand as I move my hand. All sorts of minute little things, my awareness is terrific- also sight. There is a bird like an eagle, it’s a good distance away, but I can see virtually every feather and how they all fit together, the perception is heightened so much. Miriam (Ishmael) Isn’t it marvelous when you get this feeling, it just shows how little earthly people know, if only they could realise what comes in the future, what they can achieve. Geoff: But what I am experiencing this with is not just my physical senses, I half spirit half physical at this stage that is why the awareness is so high. So you combine the two to quite a degree, that I never realised, that you combine the two so closely the spirit and the physical. The one who is with me now, I don’t recognise him at all, although we have been together in a few life times in Tibet.

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