Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Life and Love on the other side

26 March 22   Life on the other side

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

 G: I’ll tell you what I got just now, and we will see if it leads to anything else. I was thinking, you know how much I love Mom? (Verna)

S: Yes.

When I get over there, I know I’ve got other wives there. Or at least one other. So, would I then have as much? Would Mom have somebody else, other husbands up there?

S: mmmm?

And what I got now is, it’s all equal. The love is…

 S: Equal.

 Equal for everybody. Because they see things so much differently and they are so much more far advanced so the love is for everybody. What I have with Mom, will still be there when I get there; but it could be the same with other people. So, my first thought was ‘what if I sort of lose Verna because she is with somebody else or whatever. They say “no, that doesn’t happen”. And  you can finish off this life as much as you want to, if you think there is any unfinished business or anything else you want to experience; then you go back to your community where everybody is equal. And then that led into, ‘if love is constant up there, and thought is creation, you can do whatever you want – how is there good and bad up there?‘

S: Yes, that was my next question. 

So, what they are saying is, you can make mistakes because you are going through all sorts of scenarios, like, let’s say you go there first of all, and you were fascinated with money down here, you are going to build yourself a mansion, you can build yourself a mansion, but nobody is really concerned about that, because it means nothing up there.

S: It means nothing, yes.

It’s meaningless, yes. And so, maybe you will look at doing different things and so that is all a matter of balance. So, as you get there and you start to experience all these different things you can do. And everybody knows that you can do that, because they have been through it all before. So they understand completely and they understand the love aspect completely. They understand exactly what you are going to do. So as you calm down and you go through all these different scenarios and you sort of link up again, with your community,

S: You balance

You balance, and you get all your memories back. And suddenly your way of thinking is not what it used to be, because there is no ego, there is no jealousy, there is no envy…

S: that’s why there is only love

Yes, it’s just pure love.  So people don’t have to be better than one another. They don’t have to feel they failed at any stage or any opposite. You know when Elon Musk gets over there, he is going to be an equal, the same as everybody else, and he is going to look back on his life and say hey, you did a great job down there. And you will grade yourself for how you lived that particular life.

S: So in theory, there is no negativity up there, we,… the dying, bring the negativity up there, not the negativity, but bring all those aspects up until it balances out.

They bring it up till they deal with it. Because when they first cross over, they as you know, see how everybody viewed them. And they look through their life, in much faster time, and then they are allowed some time to think it through and just check everything out and redo a couple of things, if they want. And again, like we’ve heard, you can quickly live somebody else’s life, to see how they handled it, and once you are quite happy, you finished that time at school, then you can cross over completely and only then, is it when you get your memories back.

But then, when you are in the community, with constant love and so on, you’ve balanced out, what happens then, is basically, you get to a stage of, for want of a better word, boredom.

S: Yeah, so you want to move on.

Yes, and you want to learn more. And you are quite relaxed but you are fed up with doing, you know, you are getting bored basically. Now, now there is a lot of things you do on the other side. We are only looking at one aspect of your true higher self.

As you’ve developed, your higher self has developed. Your higher self will be learning different things in different dimensions, on different planets, in different scenarios. Earth is only one scenario, where you learn a specific set of values. You  may be working on a different planet at the same time. Your higher self is going there to learn a totally different set of values, which they don’t have on Earth. So it’s not a matter of just one life per time, on Earth. You are having many lives, in different dimensions, on different planets, in different societies. And obviously the more you can learn, the better. It’s only when you are in this community that you can see the whole scenario of what you have learnt. And then, when you start to communicate with, for instance if Mom was there now, to communicate with us here, she would have a mass of information, all her memories back and all the different things she has done. And now looking back here, she will see it as being tiny.

 S: miniscule.

Yes, miniscule. So what she has to do is quickly link up to how she was. Now when people come down and channel, they take on, straight away, the persona they had when they died. I don’t know if you remember the funny story about a deaf and dumb guy trying to channel through Verna?

S: No lol.

It was hysterical. So that’s what happens, they come down, and first if they talk with a lisp, they start talking with a lisp, and then suddenly it becomes better, as they realise they can actually change it. So when Verna comes down and talks to us, it’s very quick, very instant. Basically, the other memories are forgotten, and only a certain amount of memories, which is enough to deal with us on a comfortable level, that is all she needs.

S: Wow. Yes, because to know too much, to share too much would be too much.


S: It’s got to be channeled down.

It would be like us talking to a 1 year old. That’s very interesting.

S: So, the lives and the other dimensions and planets that we are in now, it doesn’t impact us on this vibrational level. It’s just, we are everywhere, doing our own thing. And each aspect of ourselves is learning. Until we reunite and then we look at the whole picture.

Yes. Correct because there is so much to learn. If we just take the Universe as it is, as we know there are billions and billions and billions of planets, there is all the different possible scenarios you can imagine. And so it’s a matter of learning all of those, experiencing all of those.

 S: yes.





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