Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

LIFE ON ZETA – 1995 By

Miriam (Stranger) – Greetings my friends Luke – Greetings and welcome Miriam (Stranger) – This is your speaker from Zeta, I did say that I would come back and give a little talk about living as we do, mostly underground. I told you last time about the fish and the water, and now I will tell you about the homes. You have had talks before about those who live in the bowels of your earth, and it is very similar where we are, except of course that we are restricted to the times that we can go out because of the heat. We have to wait until certain times of the year or a little while only in each of what you would call a day. We go mostly by the sun’s rising or setting. These dwelling places are very, very large and if you did not know how to reach there you would not know that they are underground, for we have air conditioning, we have very good lighting which is very different to anything that you have on your earth, it is brilliant as your sunshine, but we do not have the fading of the morning and night, it is the same light all the time, not a light that gets hot like your fixtures do, these are quite cold. I think that you have some on your earth, but not in popular use, someone has said that you have them in hospitals. So we have our rooms, our accommodation, lighting and air conditioning, and our own power that is generated from energy within each residential area. We don’t have to worry about cables or anything like that, we can just create our own. Because there is so much room underground each residence is very roomy, and each one is connected as your places are connected to streets, then these also are connected to public ways, but of course there is no need for transport, like your cars that cause such a lot of pollution. But we do have little, what is similar to one of your jet skis, for getting about. But these are just power generated so there is no pollution and no difficulty for we have all learned how to harness energy. Trevor will come back one day and tell you how these things work. So we have our means of transport, but then we do not need to move for we are very telepathic, as are most residents on other planets, and also we can do our mental astral projection, as you call it, if we wish to, so that we can be in two or sometimes three places at once. We have a very happy social life, there are so many halls, where there are different activities going on all the time because everywhere is sound proof, so that you do not disturb others as you do your theatres, dance halls and cinemas, so that everything can be running at the same time and it does not disturb anyone else. We have the halls of learning of all ages, but a lot of the learning for children is done in the home and quite often done by a gathering of mothers and sharing of teaching of the little ones, until they go to the independent halls, not where they are graded by age but by their capabilities of how far they have gone and what temperament they are, whether they are better skilled in the minds or the hands, just as your children are, but instead of waiting until they are teenagers before separating them – they are graded in the beginning, because we are capable of assessing our children at a much earlier age than you do. I think it has something to do with the way we harness power. Also we are, as your mediums are and able to see so much more. We do not have money as you do, we have credits of a central collecting point, but it is where all transactions are made not just on our own planet but other planets also, so we do not have to carry money about with us, we have our own numbers and identities part of which is recorded by our hand and foot prints. We do have crime but it is generally when there are visitors from another planet. Now there are certain areas where food is grown, and these are graded as to the type of food needed. (Balance of tape lost)

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