Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a stranger channels through Miriam about a new planet for those who wish to evolve faster.
Miriam (Stranger) – Greetings my friend. Luke – Welcome. Miriam (Stranger) – I am another one of your strangers, and this is my first visit. I have been told that you are going to get so many strangers that eventually you will have to get all their names, but not yet. I am going to speak of yet another planet in another dimension, in a different area to the ones that you have had so far. This planet is very, very new in comparison with your world. So we have no history to speak of and it is a planet that has been created especially for those who wish to evolve. You have been told of this before. These are those who are already an advanced soul who chose to work with nature amongst the flowers and everything that is growing. They work with the divas, now the divas generally stay with nature and they very rarely change. These little people, once they have done a certain time with the divas then they wish to progress further on a spiritual path, so they will not be in any other body – just in spirit. As I said they are old souls, they have had all the lives that they wish to take and now wish to go further on the spiritual side where it needs a great deal of thinking of choice, for there are so many things that one can do when in spirit. They have to decide if they wish to be detached from all human elements or whether to be in contact with the divas or the other little people, there are many choices, so this planet was created especially for these souls and I am one of those who liaise between one planet and another. Like everything else in life, what you wish has to be learnt, you learn the life that you are living now from being born, you learn in every aspect of the material side that you take, whichever planet, whichever body that you take over, and then when you are in spirit you have to learn again, so there are special pyramids of learning. These pyramids are specially adapted to contain different vibrations so that when these people have to make the decision of what they would like to do, they can go to the different pyramids, where they can experience or see what their life would be like for each choice. They can try out as many as they like before they make a decision and even then they can always change their minds if it turns out to be not what they expected. In fact one can always return from wherever you are, lower your vibrations to come down, or just stay where you are until you are more settled in your mind. Even those who are on a very high spiritual path, they too can come down if they wish, sometimes it is for a particular reason, and sometimes it is just for a break from what they are doing for it is and always will be free will. So you see my friends, this is quite a different planet altogether. Sometimes they choose perhaps a musical outlet, for music is very much used in the spirit world, not the music that you have but choirs and instruments of different kinds are used to entertain and relax and also for healing and soothing, it is used so many ways. Music can be so beneficial for those who are disturbed in their mind and withdrawn like your autistic children, so some spirits may decide they would like to go musically, others more artistic and creative, others wish to work in the vibrations and energies, learning how to harness and use these energies that are unknown to mankind. I find this very enjoyable work and have been doing it for many years now. I find what gives me the most satisfaction is the music that is used to help the sick or those who are convalescing and are withdrawn. Also we are able to help animals with music for they can hear sounds that your ears cannot. Animals of all kinds are just as traumatised by what they suffer as people, and their souls have to be refreshed just the same, and music is very beneficial. Sometimes those who have chosen to come to this planet return with a little knowledge to help the divas, it does not happen often, just to keep in touch. The divas as I have said generally stay with nature, they have a different kind of progression to make, they stay with nature for the whole of their lives for it is something that they have chosen in the beginning, and they have no wish to change. For what they do is such a great help to all the planets, but I think that I shall leave the work that they do for another time, for it is quite a separate thing, and maybe I will come and speak or someone else will come. It was only my intention to tell you of this beautiful planet that has been created for the little people, thank you for listening and God bless you. Luke – Thank you, bless you  

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