Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – What I have got is a church, next to a long road with houses. There are black railings around the church and it is a very……….the time is fairly normal, so it is current day, the area is somewhere in Wiltshire. Miriam (channeling) – You are waiting for confirmation? Well you are not going to get it – this is Ishmael. Geoff – No, I was just seeing if I have been here before, oh welcome Ishmael. I remember passing through this area, I am just trying to remember where it was, it is somewhere north of Wiltshire. I will try not to remember and just see what I see anyway. This row of houses was where Dad has lived in a previous life. Miriam (Ishmael) – You are right there. Geoff – It was about the 3rd or 4th house from the end, the house is set right on the road, and as you go off the pavement, you go up a couple of steps to the house, which is white inside, as you open the front door, the stairs are directly in front as you as you go up, and to the right of the stairs is the passage, and to the right is 2 rooms, the first room on the right is the living room, the next room is the kitchen and dining room combined. Miriam (Ishmael) – Not quite right, look again. Geoff – It is a surgery. Dad was the local doctor and the time is 1920’s /1930’s in a different dimension. And it is not the only dimension that dad lived in, in that era, here he was a doctor and smoked a pipe in a leather backed chair, with his surgery, and was very content with life. As you walk in the surgery, a leather sofa on the right, the table at the far wall and desk and chair to the left and a little alcove on the left, where various bottles of medicines and other doctors bits and pieces. The room at the front was the waiting room. Now the mind was never particularly busy, Dad’s mind, he went to train as a doctor which not a lot of people did in those days. He had the mind for it and just casually breezed through it and qualified, became a doctor and moved to this area where he settled down into a comfortable family life, treating the local people. There was no great hardship, he was very well respected in the community. There was no real stress in any direction, the occasional frustration at not being able to treat the patients with what he wanted, as medicine hadn’t developed that much. He did his best for the people without too much concern. Nothing was ever done in a rush, he never got uptight about anything. Whenever there were any emergencies he would walk a little bit faster, but not run or panic, just used to get there, get the job done and it was all in a day’s work. Patients used to confide in him an awful lot, not about their physical problems, but general advice about their families, and community and so on. Now I go upstairs to see who else is there, and there was nobody really in his life as a spouse, he had a housekeeper who used to come in and do all the wifely duties, cleaning, cooking etc. And life was very sort of content, there were various companions, which he used to visit on occasions, but nothing very serious, he was quite content with that life. Miriam (Ishmael) – There was a lot less stress than there is in the world today. Geoff – Definitely, smoked a pipe, and used to walk, but not too often because people would always ask questions which should have been kept to the surgery. Upstairs there were 2 rooms, I have gone into the front room and this was a sort of lounge, very peaceful, just a few books, a phonogram, a small window overlooking the road, and there is a small round table there which is quite significant, it was used quite a lot for his hobby. His hobby was carving wood, making small ornaments, with just a small knife. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, very delicate pieces he did. Geoff – When they were carved and polished then they would be stained and put in a cabinet, a glass cabinet with a rounded top, 3 tops, the centre and 2 doors either side each had a rounded top, his collection was kept there. Towards the end of his life, he started to feel more lonely and wished that he had more companions, and as he got older, he didn’t want to give up his practice because it was his contact with the outside world, his respect and recognition but his methods became more and more out of date and patients gradually started to switch to new doctors in the area. And this caused him a certain amount of distress, even though it was inevitable, it was a horrible thing to handle at his age. He didn’t want to try and catch up with the modern medicine and therefore he lost his patients. Towards the very end, he took on a new doctor who had worked for several years after medical school and was looking for a practice, and Dad let him take over the surgery and it was a very quick decision. The next 2 or 3 years started off well and then became a little bit mundane, the days spent in the room doing his carvings, his housekeeper bringing in the meals, the occasional walks, and visits to the local bar. He didn’t die in this room, it became very claustrophobic and old after a while, and I am seeing a building only a few miles away, which was a nursing home, and this solved the problem because he sold the house and the practice, had an interest in the nursing home but was resident there himself and occasionally helped out performing doctor’s duties. But living there he still had the respect of the people, and died there at a peaceful old age. Miriam (Ishmael) – And made many friends, that was quite correct. Very good. Medicine has run in the family for so many generations, through so many different lives.

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