Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – Now I have gone back a long way and there is a lot of roughly hewn tunnels and caverns, hewn by hand and it was in India, where Dad was a monk. I have seen these sorts of caves before. This was a working community, the monks who are in this order, actually worked, they worked the land around them, they made things, they grew things, and each one had this little sort of cavern, which was built out of a solid material, because the whole structure is maybe 3 stories high. But it is massive, there must be 2 or 3 hundred of these caverns. I call them caverns, but it is like a small square room, like the size of a bathroom here, but hewn out of rock and the one side is completely rock, so it was just a place to sleep and to keep the few meager things that you had, you had some possessions, like your utensils for eating, and a wooden box for spare clothing, and there was only 2 or 3 outfits, and in some cases only one. Possessions did not mean anything, the lessons in this life were community living and how you must help each other and work as a group. It was a hard life in a way but rewarding, I think, because of the discipline, the security of this life, everybody started as an equal, they started in this monastery as an equal because nobody had any possessions, they helped each other but there was a tremendous amount of security because of the discipline in this particular community. You worked so many hours a day, you had your meals – you went in to pray and you didn’t know much of the outside life, it wasn’t important, and that is where the security aspect came from. The object of the life was to learn to live with others in this community spirit and this working in harmony with so many different people. Although there were occasional problems, they were very few, and Dad’s position was just an ordinary monk from beginning to end. Miriam (channeling) – Yes it was. Geoff – There was no thoughts of achieving a higher position, or getting more of anything, just from beginning to end the same life, but it built into him an understanding of groups of people and how people think, and that was the lesson. Miriam (channeling) – It was a very good lesson. Geoff – Yes, he died of natural causes, he died in his sleep, very comfortable, no serious illnesses and when he was found dead, he was wrapped up in a cloth and taken away. It was just accepted that when people passed over in those day, they had just completed their lives, no special service or anything. Miriam (channeling) – No there was no sorrow. It was accepted. Geoff – There was just the usual prayers, and that particular night they would send their love and good wishes to the person who had died that day, and there is no sorrow at all. Miriam (channeling) – Yes, they accept it because they know where he has gone, that he was passing over to a better place. Geoff – But most of the monks that were there, there were only a few who were spiritually developed, they thought the right way, but in Dad’s case he wasn’t convinced that there was a life after, he was just taught that way from the beginning, and therefore knew no better and did not develop spiritually until after he went back. Miriam (channeling) – That is true. Geoff – He had a friend there, who is standing in front of me at the moment. Miriam (channeling) – I am sure you know that friend. Geoff – That is what I am trying to figure out, that’s Abdul!!! Miriam (channeling) – Yes!! It is indeed. Geoff – That is why Abdul is with you today. Your main guide. You learnt a lot together in the life and were very close friends, the closest friends. Miriam (channeling) – Yes in more than one life together. Geoff – When you died, he felt the sorrow of losing a friend, not sorrow because you had passed over and died, but the sorrow of losing a friend. Now he helps you in this life, and the two of you are so close, and now it is changing, while he was standing in front of me there was the monastery in the background, and he was very solemn, straight faced, now he is standing behind Dad and he is saying things have changed, and he has a smile on his face, and he is saying now look what he is going through in this life (laughter). But he is hosing himself because he knows in this life Dad does not have any sort of spiritual experience on the physical, he obviously does a lot in astral, he meets up with all his friends and Abdul and they talk and all sorts of things, and then you come back to this life, and Dad didn’t need to learn anything in this life, and Abdul thinks this is very funny. Miriam (channeling) – He is a wonderful strong fellow. Geoff – Yes he is and he is saying that dad’s choice of this life was a very noble one. He knew what had to be done, he is here to supply power and energy, that is all. It is just one life where it had to be done. Miriam (channeling) – That is very good, very good indeed, I am glad you saw Abdul. Geoff – Yes a lovely guy, a big guy. Now we will look at another life, and this life goes back a long, long way. Miriam (channeling) – Much farther than you have been before. Geoff – It is very primitive, it is right back at the beginning, the people there, a group of people, as caveman days have developed and there are communities, very, very scarce, few and far between, and in this particular one there is a young man who is very strong, s who wants to lead the community, he has so many ideas of what should be done of what is right and wrong, and to make things better for everybody, but the community is very sort of lazy, they have been existing for many years, and they just do what they were taught by their parents, they haven’t learnt anything new, they haven’t developed, and Dad’s lesson in that life was to get the culture moving again, to teach them to be more progressive, to develop things, to enjoy life more, to move from where they were, from different areas for different seasons. To learn about herbs and crops and make things to make their community a better place, but it is very, very primitive, like Stone Age or Iron Age. Miriam (channeling) – Iron Age it is. A very difficult task it was. Geoff – The people were so used to living in this condition they never thought of changing, and in the beginning, they developed in different ways in those days, they only lived ‘til they were 30 or 40. And when dad was around 20 he was very strong and ready to take control, and he did this, first of all he was resisted because the elders who ran the tribe and had been doing it for years and were quite comfortable doing things their way, they didn’t want any change. Dad soon worked out that by tackling them head-on he would not get anywhere, so what he did was made friends of them and then he taught them what to do so that they could in turn teach the people and get the credit, whereas in fact it was all Dads doing. As the community developed about 10 or 15 years after that, going towards the end of Dad’s life, it was only at that stage when all the elders had died, it was that time that others realised that Dad was behind the whole thing and he was made the chief elder. And he then delegated 5 other elders to learn and look after different sections of the community, but he taught them all that he knew, so his experience was passed on to these five, who then ruled as a group instead of an individual. So it went from the original group to Dad on his own, to a group again. And what he put into that community, the main thing was the will to progress through each generation and improve. Miriam (channeling) – And it was at the very beginning of the Iron Age, it was a very difficult time. But you picked that up very well

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