Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this healing meditation I am describing what I am “seeing” while a regular teacher Dr Paul is channeling through Miriam (1991)

Geoff – He lives in a little tin shack, just on the outskirts of a village, where he doesn’t have to be seen so much by the tribe who live there. The main problem is frustration because without arms, he can do very little for himself, such getting dressed is a very simple example, although he wears very little, just like a grass skirt, which he steps into, a short one. There is some connection between him and animals, horses, and he has to act as an animal would, without any hands, for example if you were itchy you would have to scratch yourself up against some wood, and he has been helpless all his life. I am not sure what we can do for him

Miriam (Dr Paul) – This is Dr Paul, it is some time since I was with you and I am pleased that you have started the healing circle again.

Geoff – Good – thank you

Miriam (Dr Paul) – Now what I think you should do is nothing miraculous as growing an arm straight on, that would be too confusing to the man. But if you can imagine the arms there, and put the thought into his blood stream for growth, so that the stumps that are there will gradually grow to a certain extent, nothing like a full arm, but this would be acceptable to him if it was gradual. Concentrate first of all on the shape of the arm, not necessarily in detail, but an arm, and then go inside and concentrate on the blood stream, and of course the genes, which you cannot see, but put the thoughts into his brain to activate the genes within him and to purify everything in his body, to take the spiritual energy. In this way during the next few months he will have this growth, which as I say will not be full arms, but at least will enable him to have some sort of aperture that will be able to be used as hands. I leave you now for a while to concentrate.

Geoff – Before you leave, it is possible that these arms can be extended, because I have just seen what the arms will look like and they will only grow to the elbow.

Miriam (Dr Paul) – That is right, that is so, you have been very quick to pick that up, and that is the fullest extent that they will grow, but it will be gradual so that the man will not be too perplexed but think that it is just late growth.

Geoff – Right, thank you. The way I started to do it automatically, is to massage the arm from the shoulder down to the would-be elbow, as if it was there, as if to bring the dead stump alive, to make the blood flow, and get the circulation going.

Miriam (Dr Paul) – That is excellent. Perhaps your father will put his hands mentally around the man’s head and direct the power to his brain, putting the thoughts within of what we have said. You have such a lot of power you must never, ever give up and lose it.

Geoff – He is starting to feel a sensation in his stumps, this is the beginning of him thinking about the growth

Miriam (Dr Paul) – He will be astonished at first, but not as much as if they had grown miraculously overnight, he will just think that it is sort of delayed action in his growth. And that is a very good thing that you have done there.

Geoff – So we will give him lots of love and leave him.


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