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MANIFESTATION IN A BANGKOK TEMPLE – 1991 By SpiritualDictionary.com

Geoff – Right, let’s see where we go next. This seems to be in Thailand or somewhere around there, a two storey building, on the second storey there is an entrance, all marble and as you go in there are two huge doors, and it is some form of shrine. The light in here, the vibrations in here are very, very good, a lot of golds, reds, yellows, there are a lot of women and men and they are all dressed the same, some form of religion, they have got high collars which sort of come up to their chins, and they are in robes, but they are very happy, giving off lots of lovely vibrations. There are some kids there, it’s a type of religion, and this is like a weekly gathering and they draw in a lot of energy. Miriam (Guide) – Quite the reverse to the energy that you have just had. Geoff – Yes, there must be a hundred people in this room, and at one end are the elders and so on, and they are in the center of the room, now everybody is just sitting around the outside, and they are a smiling and happy and in the center of the room, they are bringing down energy from spirit into the center of the room, which is a bright gold, and I am sure everybody must see it, it is just sparking and vibrating, a beautiful energy, and its filling the room. Miriam (Guide) – You will join them. Geoff – Hmm… and this gold energy in the center of the room is beginning to materialise into spirit. Miriam (Guide) – Yes Geoff – It is actually full manifestation. Miriam (Guide) – That is so. Geoff – Now there are five of them and the light has sort of stopped now, and they are going off to talk in groups. And one comes towards me and puts out his hand to shake my hand. I can’t see his face as yet. What he is wearing is not what I expected, it is a bit like the …..you know, Sir Walter Raleigh, that era, his uniform, his clothing, beautiful reds and golds and braid, and so on and he is just a visitor not a teacher, by that I mean he doesn’t appear as a exceptionally high spirit to teach the lower mortals and so on, he comes as an ordinary person, who obviously gets a lot of respect as well, but he comes along as an ordinary visitor. Now the people in the room have been seeing this happen for a long, long time, it is part of their way of life. They are quite simple people, but because they have been taught this from the beginning, they have been able to accept it as being perfectly natural, and therefore they have no difficulties in accepting and understanding and believing what they are told basically. Now that is very interesting because… Miriam (Guide) – Now what do you think the purpose is for creating a visitor? Geoff – To keep alive this solid belief in the fact that there are spirits, visitors and so on. Miriam (Guide) – Yes. Geoff – Now the tribe don’t discuss their religion too much outside of their own circle, because people would not believe, but the interesting thing is that the children are brought up to, for them it is like going along to church, and seeing these full manifestations and talking to them, spirits that manifest themselves, and different visitors and so on. And they accept it right from the beginning, and they understand that they are, or do they, I was going to say that they are privileged to see it, but they don’t, it is just a way of life to them. Miriam (Guide) – Yes, it is natural for them. Geoff – Perfectly natural. Miriam (Guide) – But they have such joy. Geoff – Yes, they are happy people, very happy people. Now, another main reason that they are there is because when people progress and learn about spiritualism and so on, quite often they will seek far more proof, I mean if I knew where to go, I would go and see this. And so it is always there for people to see, I am only seeing it in astral, but it can be seen physically. And when the time is right for those people who want to learn, they will be guided there to see it, if it is necessary for them, so it also helps a lot that way. It is as the world should be, if everybody was like this it would be great. Miriam (Guide) – Wouldn’t it be lovely? Very nice. Geoff – Also the spirits enjoy coming down to visit and talk and so on, and souls of these people is very, very pure, their thoughts. They are loving and giving, they help each other, they are happy, they have got beautiful, clean souls. It is really nice to see. And I think where it is, is in Bangkok. Miriam (Guide) – Yes, which is strange when you think of the troubles that there are in Bangkok. Geoff – Yes that’s right. Wow, I think I will leave there now, I go outside the building, but it is really beautiful. Miriam (Guide) – It is such a pity that we cannot always hold these feelings for much longer than we do. But at least we get a good idea when we look back on it.

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