Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Your body is much smarter than you think – it’s not your brain that keeps all the bits and pieces running nicely, it’s the body itself.

Experiences that the body has are recorded in the brain so the body knows how to handle each experience the second time around.  Let’s say when you had your first headache you were given an Aspirin – headache got better, recorded in brain.

The next time you get a headache, the body says fix-it and the recorded experience says “Give me an Aspirin”.  If you are given a Paracetamol then the body makes the headache worse trying to get an Aspirin which it thinks will then solve the problem.

As you grow up you are given a wider variety of headache pills and the body/Immune system weakens as it fights to decide which one to accept. Then when you visit a specialist and tell him of the problem he will prescribe something a bit stronger and your brain having been told that this specialist “knows what he is doing” ……..believe him, and the stronger pill works. (And sometimes even a placebo works too)

This is how medicine ends up controlling the body. In most cases the medicine stops or masks the problem without looking at the root cause.

When profit is no longer the issue, new medicines will grind to a halt and natural health and healing will take place once again, but this time we will have the advantage of the knowledge gained from all the research done to create new medicines and will benefit accordingly.

Medicine controls your body (Part 2)

Your body also reacts to what you say to it.  Every day a Hypochondriac tells its body it’s sick, so the body acts accordingly.

Suppose you get a dread disease and the Doc tells you that you have 6 months to live: if you believe it then your body produces endorphins that go around closing down your body ready for its 6 month departure.  But if you DON’T believe it and are determined to fight this problem then your body listens and starts the get-well process.

Can we all recover from dread disease? In some cases most definitely, but in general the answer is no because our bodies and immune system have been so weakened over the years BY MEDICINE.

I have family and friends that are good healers so if I am in need then I ask one of them for healing “UNDERSTANDING” what will happen – and the results are generally good.

But if someone who has been told the end is nigh goes to the same healers, having tried traditional methods then their expectation is that it is a last resort and chances of recovery will be slim.

I have experienced some exceptional healings – so much so that even I would have found it hard to believe them had I not experienced them myself.

How to re-boot your system

Very tricky. A good Spiritual healer can remove your memories and beliefs of how your body reacts to medicine, but some beliefs/feelings/emotions must remain. You must also have full understanding of what is about to happen and you must have confidence in your healer. A better way (they have just told me) is to have a group with the healer as it will give you more confidence in the outcome.

It is not just your outlook to medicine that you have to fix – your emotions and energy have taken a battering too. 

As you grew up you were bombarded with Do’s and Don’ts. Why this happens and why that happens. What is good for you and what is not, and who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. It is all too easy to go with the flow and conform to society, but at some stage you must stop and ask yourself what your true beliefs are.


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