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In this meditation, this medicine man is channelling through Verna. Verna (Channelling) – I am a medicine man, from the old school Geoff – Welcome, you mean a medicine man like a Red Indian? Verna (Channelling) – I am not doing this often Geoff – Well you are not doing so bad. Verna (Channelling) – This channel, she sees the trees, and the plants and the place I come from, and she knows I find it hard to put that into words, so she says “listen my friend, do you want me to say what I see or are you going to talk or not!” (laughs) she does not mince her words. Now I have told her off. Geoff – Before you carry on, could I ask you a question? (laughs) It is an easy question, I see somebody in front of me with a top hat. Dressed as a Red Indian with sort of plaited hair, but a Westernized Indian. Verna (Channelling) – Yes Geoff – Is somebody with you? Verna (Channelling) – (Laughs) He used to buy the medicine and sell the herbs. Geoff – Quite a character Verna (Channelling) – Yes, very much so, a different type of person to me entirely I am afraid. We have spent a lot of time together, it is unexpected that he comes tonight, but we are good friends. I am the quite serious one, and he is the one that makes me laugh. Geoff – He was the salesman in your partnership. Verna (Channelling) – Yes, yes he was the one that would make money from our medicine, and try to go out and convert the Western people to our ways. I have more stories about that than you could wish to hear, we would be here for absolute hours. They used to think we were stupid to try and sell the medicine this way, and we used to think they were stupid not to even listen to us. And this man had a very frustrating time. Geoff – I suppose you used to collect herbs and berries and bark and this sort of thing, and turn it into medicine and this sort of knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, is that what you did? Verna (Channelling) – Yes, you know my friend has just said to me, your man with the top hat, the problem with this, is that the medicine men and those who studied it are the quiet ones, that sit in silence and ask for guidance, and help people when they come to them. But unfortunately we are not ones who are willing to stand up in front of people and become good teachers, and therefore it is only usually one or two people who had the luxury of learning from an ancestor who was a medicine man. And we only realize now that we should have spread this word to so many people, and not just have the chosen person to follow in your footsteps. For then maybe there would have been a lot of people left in generations of Indian tribes who could have spread the word and maybe the Westerners would have learnt a little more. Apparently you watched a television program just lately, and this channel’s mind is going towards that. You see you have free will on earth, and it is so easy, unless you are in a deep trance, but then we read the thoughts and we take it away from you or work around it. But that takes time and patience. I have a root which she could rub on her shoulder, but unfortunately I cannot get it to you, I can use it in spirit, which I will do, and which I have done, but then once again it is done with thought forms, although this is good, it would be better to use the real thing. For the body and the senses to smell and receive all the essences from the root for muscular problems, anyway I shall do my best. And the same with your chest, (To Miriam) Miriam – But you can sometimes bring something solid from your side to this side, can you not? Verna (Channelling) – Yes, it is mostly done with thought forms. Even if you bring something solid it is done in thought, to us we can smell it and see it and use it, sometimes we cannot bring this down to the earth vibration, in such a way that, we could allow you to smell, and you could smell the flowers, but sometimes we cannot always do this. Miriam – I wondered, because I have seen a stone made into a ring that was given to this person from spirit. And it materialized in South Africa. Verna (Channelling) – Maybe I should get some lessons. Miriam – I wondered why it couldn’t be the same with medicine. Verna (Channelling) – Not for me, maybe I should enquire into this, and learn more. Miriam – Yes it would be very interesting to have the answer. Verna (Channelling) – I have never brought medicines to earth, I have just given information to others on earth, and I shall look into this. I have never achieved this before. I have developed something, which I wish to have in spirit, I have done this in thought form and I have used it in healing with earth vibrations, but I have never been able to materialize something like this herb. I will listen to what you say. Miriam – Thank you for the healing thoughts. Verna (Channelling) – Yes, you will also receive some, (to Luke). Luke – Thank you Geoff – There must be many remedies that you have up there which aren’t used any more. Verna (Channelling) – There are many, and I will use the same root on you as I am using for your wife, your shoulders, for your tension in your back, and your knees, and ankles, and heavens you are a mess, even in your elbows there is tension. Geoff – But I am a happy mess, so it is okay. Verna (Channelling) – Yes we all know that. I am sorry you asked me a question, I wasn’t listening. Geoff – I was talking about herbal remedies that you must have up there, that aren’t being used on earth anymore, and maybe some remedies you could teach us and maybe we could make them up here. Verna (Channelling) – I cannot begin to teach you, there is so much, yes there are remedies up here that are only used on earth through the way I have used them this evening. But you know, I am no good at teaching you, that will have to be done by someone else, I am good at getting the remedy together and bringing it to earth patients and using, yes I am good at this. But to put it across to others as I made my excuse in the beginning, I am not good at this unless I can bring you up here, and take you where the root is found and show you where to find it, how to treat it, and all those things, but there are people who could help you this way, but not me, I am of the very, very old school, I am used to having one or two members of the future tribe come to me as the medicine people of the next generation, and I teach only those two people and it is intensive teaching. It was always two or three in case something occurs which ends the life of one that you have taught. And they immediately start teaching someone very young, of the very young generation, so the teaching starts when somebody is in their childhood. By the time they are elders they know it all but they have learnt it, and only that all their lives, that is all their minds have been put to, and that is all they know. They do not hunt and they do not do dangerous things. They are the medicine folk, I am very, very old, I was on earth so many centuries ago so, so many centuries ago, and then this friend of mine, he came back and he decided he would try and educate the Westerners with ancient medicine. Miriam – Are there many medicinal plants that have been lost to the earth now? Verna (Channelling) – Yes, yes it is very sad for us, but there has always been a replacement, God has seen to this. But unfortunately mankind has not, it is very sad for us, who lived and breathed, all my life, as I have told you, from childhood until I was an elder until I passed over, all I did and all I was, was the medicine man. And can you understand when I look down now, and I see only in some tribes are some of these remedies used, but it also pleases me to see, you know life is an ever-evolving circle, everything in life goes around in a circle, and what are you all looking at today? Alternative medicine, natural healing, herb life and so it pleases me to see that a lot of folk are coming back and they are searching. We are helping those who are searching, I will not go into detail with all the herbs because I know that is not going to be your path, I really don’t know why I am even sitting here talking to you, except I was attracted to give healing, and I did not mean to speak for so long. Geoff – It is very interesting Verna (Channelling) – There are people who are searching, and those are the people that I work with. And my dear lady, I shall look into what you said, but if I materialize the root and I give it to the people, it is not going to help them. Miriam – No, I was thinking of something for Verna’s shoulder, that you could put on, that you had mixed. Verna (Channelling) – What I have done is sufficient for all of you, in your own way. Miriam – Well, it certainly helped me. Verna (Channelling) – Already, well that is good, and how do you feel? Geoff – Oh much lighter, much lighter. When you heal with a root, I know with spiritual healing, with the hands, when you put your hands on somebody, or with power from spirit you heal the spiritual body, which then in turn heals the physical body. Is that correct? Verna (Channelling) – Sometimes we heal the soul. Geoff – And what is the difference between the soul and spirit? Verna (Channelling) – First the soul, then the physical.  Miriam – So would you give as much healing to a person by not touching them as you would by touching? Verna (Channelling) – Absolutely, you can do it simply by thought, you can sit in this room, and you can send your healing to the other three members in the room, and you will give them just as much healing, because you will find that if you do it this way you give much more with your heart. Miriam – I was thinking of the idea that it is in this land now, that if you pass an exam and you promise not to touch a patient, but being a patient myself from time to time, and having hands laid on I found great comfort in the touch of the hands. But it made no difference. Verna (Channelling) – Yes, yes. But there is no greater feeling than the correct touch on another, touch is the one most powerful healing sensation on earth, if your baby is crying, you lean over and touch your baby. If somebody is in pain, the first thing you do is reach out and touch them. And it is that touch which is ever powerful, and if you care and you wish to touch somebody who you are healing, then that is what should be done, and if you feel that somebody else needs healing in a way that should be verbally done, then that is the way that it should be done. And if you feel that somebody is a little distant to you, then sit quietly and send a message across and ask for the healing, as long as it is done from the heart, and from the energies of your love and caring and all your being, the healing will take place no matter how. Every one of us, every one of you on earth, every single person on earth is a healer, but maybe that is not the path that God wishes them to work. But in some form or another, they are all healers. You can all heal each other, by a touch, by a word, and by caring. Miriam – Is it possible sometimes for spirit to tell us, when we do absent healing if there has been any response. Or is that our ego asking for that? Verna (Channelling) – That is not necessary to know. That is not only ego either, it could be caring, curiosity and a lot of things. Geoff – I think it is also a matter of confirmation, because I asked this question the other day, I have put my hands-on various people to heal them but I have never really seen a positive result. Verna (Channelling) – Healing does not give positive results. Can I tell you what I feel about healing? You hear stories, somebody got up from their seat, and they walked, somebody opened their eyes, and they saw, these are miracle healings, these are all direct from God, and they are all powerful miracles. When you heal, what you are healing is the spirit and the soul and you are enabling the body to help heal itself. But my friends, if that spirit and that soul has a negative point of view, your healing is like simply planting a seed, and if that seed is denied growth, then you have a problem. Somebody who requests healing, might in the back of their minds still enjoy being sick, they want to be ill, they are self-indulgent, and you send healing and you send spiritual upliftment, and the spirit gets healed. It sees the light and the love coming from you and it accepts this and the mind of the soul says “ I want sympathy, I want to be ill” and does damage to all the love, and the healing and the upliftment which you sent, you see, it is a two way street, to not expect miracles and not ask for results, simply give, simply give and have faith that God is listening to you and helping you, and that friends from a higher vibration hear you and help you, but please my friends, if you do not want to be healed, you will not be healed. And I think you know that for yourself, you come across people who do not want to be healed, they enjoy the martyrdom and receiving the sympathy, they want to be desperately miserable, and desperately miserable they will be. And you can plant a million seeds and eventually maybe only in years to come, they will remember that these people tried to heal them. And maybe they will shine a light on the seeds that you planted, maybe even years ago and they will then allow your seeds to grow, through thought of the fact that one day somebody, somewhere cared and gave them healing and blessings. And maybe they should listen and let the light shine, for my friend if you give something to someone, and they do not take it, how can they have it? But please do not let this be a disappointing lesson, for this is only what I feel. Every lesson and every talk you get from anyone, is only what they know, and this is what I know and what I feel and this is how I would like you to think, if you would like to follow my beliefs, how healing is done, it is done through the light of God, you are a channel, if somebody comes to you for healing, you give them the love, the care, the attention, the energy, the vibration, the upliftment for their body to heal itself, and for their souls to be mended, their spirits to be uplifted, and my friends, if they ask you for this healing, this will take place. But if it is a lesson for them that they do not get cured, please do not think you have not helped them, maybe they would even have suffered more. And maybe they would have not died in peace, and maybe they now will, and please do not ask for confirmation, just give, just give. That is a good enough feeling on its own, just give, and let those who wish accept that gift, and those who do not, let the seeds sit in them until they see the light and the love, and they allow the little seed to grow and to mend themselves, but do not ask for confirmation. It is not necessary, you never need to know, you only need to know that you have given, and that you have loved and cared, and done God’s work and been a channel, and you have helped, for every time you do this you grow within yourself, and you mend yourself and you heal yourself, every time you give you get, and every time you give out healing, you do receive in return, maybe in another way. Maybe just the satisfaction and upliftment of giving, but once you start doubting and need confirmation, you are leaving a little mark there that needs re-healing in yourself, so may I ask you to do this, may I ask you, friends of mine, never to ask again for confirmation, and never to worry that the thought of healing and loving and caring has gone astray. I hope some of you have realized that the old medicine man has taken a step back and I am a friend of his. I forgot that this transaction just took place, just like that, this was too much for him, it is not his line, and we both work together and we believe this most sincerely, and these thoughts are actually coming from him, more than from me. But really if you could listen to this wise man’s words, and this is what they are, simply give and you will receive, and in the circle you will receive the healing which you give. Do not doubt, do not question, simply give. Miriam – Thank you Verna (Channelling) – Do not complicate things, if you suddenly get a thought for a friend who is in a distant place, just quickly wonder why you got the thought, and just maybe it has been put there, and so send them love, send them a thought. For often when people are in need they will think of a close friend who they wish was with them, and we will put a thought, or your guides, or your helpers, may give you the thought to know that these people are calling on you, and then you send a thought back, it is never wasted. Miriam – May I ask another question? About the healing, when you are doing your absent healing, as the list grows longer, you have less time to spend on each person, does it make any difference? Verna (Channelling) – Simply a thought, and the healing powers will be taken, simply a thought. Yes my dear, if you have time to spend thinking of someone and caring for them and loving them, then that is good, but if you have a long list, it is heard, and it is delivered. The old medicine man apologizes for stepping back, but it is almost beyond what he enjoys doing, although he did enjoy coming here to give you healing, which incidentally was one of the main reasons for his visit. And now that it has gone on to the subject of healing, we hope that what we have said makes sense to you, and we sincerely hope that the healing you received, for the dear old medicine man of the old folklore has helped you all, as we know you are open to receiving this healing. He says I should just ask you to feel in your heart that you do not want to receive this healing and feel the difference of the immediate impact it has inside your body, and now feel that you are opening up to the healing and you will see the light which enters your body, you will feel it. He says that he hopes that it has shown you that people have to open up to receive the healing that you give, and even if they don’t, please remember that it has not gone to waste, as we said the little seed is always planted. Goodnight, God bless you and please continue with your healing. Geoff – Thank you, bless you. Miriam – I hope you come again sometime. Verna (Channelling) – Thank you for the invitation, we will try, mostly we work with the natural healers, homeopaths and the herbalists. It is not really spiritual healing that we are involved but the teaching for those who wish to further their studies in the alternative medicine world, but we really did enjoy our visit, we really did.

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