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Meditation advice

CIRCLES OF LIGHT   By Imagine your centers are like Catharine wheels (like the fireworks, Catharine wheels you see at Guy Fawkes time). They start to turn one by one and move the rays of light from the center to swirl into and around your body. Open each one, one by one and see the colours swirl and fill the entire space around you. Feel a sense of absolute peace from the colours with lots of movement. They wash away all fear, stress and negativity from your body. The energy within becomes like a new life force giving you a new beginning. When you feel a quietness and stillness within, you may start your meditation. You can use your own imagination from here on and as long as the colours are moving and glowing within and around you and are all open equally, you may open them anyway you want to. Some more ideas would be to use bubbles, candles flames or being touched by the rays of the sun.

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