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Miriam (Joseph) – I bring you peace, I bring you joy, I bring you much laughter, and I hope a little learning for the young man who has recently joined you. Geoff – Thank you, welcome. Miriam (Joseph) – I have not been here before to talk, but I have been here many times before, listening to what is going on, and I have not had the courage to do any channeling, not in this group. Miriam (Joseph) – You have had so many people waiting to channel, that I thought I would wait at the end of the line and wait my turn, but now they have pushed me forward. So here I am, and I am not sure what I am going to say, but it will come. First of all I would speak to John, he is most welcome, and I hope he will not only listen to what is being said here, and take it we are really speaking from a higher vibration, we like that word better than the higher realm, because we are not higher up, we are right beside you. But a different vibration, like a spinning top goes and you cannot see, well that is what we are and we have to lower our vibrations in order to channel, as it has already happened here with Verna. You see it is such a friendly group here, we are all on first names, but mostly if you go into a circle, it is not so. Not only do we want you to listen and know that this is all true, now that your interest has been aroused, we will know if you are really genuine in wanting to develop, if you are to meditate on a regular basis. Now we cannot stress this too strongly, for so many people think they want to learn about spiritualism, and it is really just curiosity. We haven’t got time for that unfortunately, much as we would like to, we are busy people here as these others will tell you. So if you are really interested in learning further to develop yourself, then we ask that you meditate on a regular basis, it can be anything from one day or six days a week. We must know that you are in earnest, and in order to know that, we ask that you make it a special time. Within five or ten minutes, so that we can marshal our duties and know that we will come to you at that time, it can be any time you like that suits you, as long as it is regular. Start it off, please, with just a little short meditation until you learn to sit and become tranquil within yourself, which is the main basis of meditation. And then you learn to have the quietness within you and then we can come to you. Am I asking too much friend, or just giving you something to think about? And then there are many books to read and learn about it, and if you find that if you are truly in earnest, other people will be drawn to you, that is not so, we direct them to you, as others can vouch for that. We all think that they are drawn to us, but we do the directing as much as we possibly can, to enlarge the movement, for it is truly the path of God, or the Creator or whatever you would like to call him. We are all one. Now I think I have given you enough to think about, but I will just ask because the others are so much more advanced, if you would like to ask a question. John – No, I don’t have any questions yet, thank you Miriam (Joseph) – Then maybe……. I know someone who always has questions, (Laughter) and that is the first thing that anyone who channels are warned about when they come to this group, that the young man on the right (Geoff) is never without a question, we don’t know where he finds them all, and we really have to be prepared, but we don’t mind. Geoff – All right in that case I will give you an easy one tonight. Most of us have the power to channel healing through us…. Miriam (Joseph) – That is true and one must never forget that no one on earth is a healer, they are a channeler, and if you hear of anyone saying they are healers, please correct them, only God can heal. Geoff – Yes that is true, so how can I be sure that the healing that I am doing is effective when a lot of times I feel nothing, and I see little results? Miriam (Joseph) – But does not this also happen with your doctors? That he gives you something, tonics, tablets and doesn’t hear from you again. You all do what you can, and if you are truly giving out healing, and it is coming from the heart, it does not matter that you do not feel it, and we cannot give you proof always unless you are in direct contact with that person, for you are not in a position to know what their karma is, and you know a lot about karma. It may be that what you give does not show, and you think that it has not been effective in any way, but if you had not given that, may not that person or animal have been so much worse. It is not something that you can get an answer to, just rely upon yourself, that it comes truly from the heart and from us, that we are directing it to where it is intended to go. Geoff – Next week, John is going to see a medium, is it possible to find out if she is any good? Miriam (Joseph) – I don’t know, let me find out for you. …. Yes, she is a very good medium, but she does speak in symbols quite often, which we do not like. And it is often difficult to interpret what the symbols mean, I think we have said before that we do not like symbols, it was what was learned by many mediums, and it is still continuing but now we would much prefer the medium to speak directly from the words that they hear. But she is a good medium, it would be up to you to interpret what she says. Maybe if you are back this way, then we can talk again. Geoff – That’s good, thank you. Miriam (Joseph) – Now, I am glad I said my piece and that I was pushed forward, it was not as difficult as I thought, I was so worried because of all the questions that come from Geoff, they say he asks such teasers and we do not always know the answers, or if we do we cannot tell you, so I shall say goodnight and God bless you all.

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