Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Red This is like a ray of life and is situated at the base of your spine. It is your life-force energy center that is known as the Kundalini energy. A very powerful center indeed. It has a magnetic vibration. Enhancing this red center re-energises the body, creates adrenaline, excellent for healing blood disorders and improving your sexual drive. It is said that it stimulates the mental and nervous system. Orange – This is the digestion center and is situated just below the belly button (the spleen). This draws into us the prana – the sunlight and its life-giving energies. To keep this colour sparkling we need to eat correctly and digest our food well. It also relates to our breathing but unfortunately, we are lazy breathers these days. We should be breathing all the way down into our tummy like babies do. A good way to practice correct breathing is to imagine a balloon in your tummy and let in inflate and deflate with each breath. Work with this center if you ever have an uncomfortable tummy or want upliftment from mental stress and nervous energy. A great boost for positive thinking and self-confidence. It helps us to be in harmony with others. Yellow This is the solar plexus center and is connected to the left side of the brain. It is also connected to the solar plexus and is greatly influenced by our emotional disturbances. It is the most „material’ center we have. To allow yourself to let go of all negative material aspects of your life. Heal this center to free yourself of being too analytical and be freer of society ruling. It is connected to the solar plexus, which is the brain center of your nervous system so you can calm yourself down or lift yourself up by using your mind and controlling the shades of yellow within you. Green – The heart center is connected to nature and is in the middle of your chest in line with your heart. This center is essential to our health and happiness. It is the colour of balance and harmony. It complements the blue and yellow centers (blue and yellow mixed = green). We find great calmness and peace in nature due to being surrounded by the green as it truly enhances harmony within us. Use green with your mind for emotional upliftment, headaches, heart disorders and calming emotional disorders. It creates a soothing sensation within us. Brings us peace, contentment, awareness, unconditional love and the ability to be at one. Blue – This is the throat center and is connected with communication (the vibration of sound) and can reflect not only on your present life but also on many past lives. This center is the gateway to your Spirituality. Many doctors and others in the healing profession have strong blue centers. This center expresses what is within us by our speech and often becomes blocked when you hold all your words and emotions within you. The blue brings peace and harmony and truth to the body, mind and soul. Allows us to open up and express unsaid words that are blocked within us. Brings forth truth and creativity and tremendous healing. Indigo – This is known as „The third eye’ and is situated in the center of your forehead. I have seen this center to be white in many of my clients but for meditation we will work with indigo. Open this center with your mind and allow your intuition to flow freely. It also holds memories of our present and past lives. It is like a library of past information to us. It enhances our intuition and is one of the highest colours within you. It enhances your ability to heal and be healed, to relieve you of pain and brings about a sensation of compassion and awareness. This center is essential in clairvoyance and intuition. It has tremendous influence on concentration, self-realisation and wisdom. Violet – This center is situated at the top of your head and is the highest spiritual center. It is said that those beautiful feathers the Indians wore on their heads were made according to how they saw the energy centers. This center connects us to a higher force and expands our soul consciousness – Heaven. Open this center to aid the power of concentration and understanding and it is known to have a direct influence on the brain and nerves. This center is also important for awareness, clairvoyance and Spiritual consciousness. It creates a divine understanding within.  

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