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Meditations Library

The Meditation Library

A warm welcome to the meditation library.

We are super excited to have you here.
Take a moment to acknowledge yourself, for choosing to learn, grow, progress and empower yourself.

We are facing traumatic, challenging times of this reality, it is imperative that we find our inner strength, connect to our inner being and build a solid foundation for ourselves.

I invite you to soothe your mind and soul as my voice guides you into a space of peace, tranquility & healing.

You will find a selection of guided meditations & visualisations to help you navigate and overcome trauma, loss, stress, anxiety, depression, fears, addiction and many other adversities & negativities that are impacting our energy and lifestyle.

There are many ways to find refuge but most profound method is to go inwards. We are programmed seek to seek outside of ourselves but the answer lies within.

A regular practice will entrain you into a world of inner peace where you can function from a different space of emotional balance and consciousness.
Experiencing relief from the impact of the external energies.
Empower yourself to navigate the challenges of this realty.  


*All meditations are recorded in nature, with the ocean, the trees, the birds, the bugs and natural sounds.

“I can’t meditate” and the importance of why we all need to invite meditation into our world and the impact it will have.

Listen to this recording that gently explains how to get out of the wrongness of you and how to get into meditating with more ease and to make it more fun.

The Morning and Evening High Vibration Visualisations

Get into the practice of starting and ending your day on a high vibrational level ~ Be in alignment with the Universal energies ~ Two guided visualization that gently guide and help you to navigate these challenging times, leading you into your natural state of being with positive mindset ~ no matter what the outside circumstances.  

Morning High Vibration Visualisation
(15min 38sec) ~ Investment: 6$

Guides you into a powerful, peaceful space of being, so that you can experience your day from a different space, with a positive mindset and creative energy. Ideally try to listen to the morning visualisation before the momentum of life begins around you. But if you don’t manage that, then grab a moment when you can.

Evening High Vibration Visualisation
(14 min 19 sec) ~ Investment: $6

Helps you let go of your day, to acknowledge your day and release any adversities with more ease ~ shifting you into a peaceful, restful space for rest. You can listen to the evening visualisation when you are preparing or ready for bed or when you find a quiet moment.
Recorded with the ocean and all the evening creatures greeting you.

These guided visualisations are best listened to every morning and every evening for at least 21 days.  After 21 days, you will have formed a ‘habit’ and be more in the flow. Thereafter, you can choose to listen to them whenever required and however often you choose.
If you miss a morning or evening, that’s ok. Don’t judge yourself, knock yourself or go into the wrongness of you. Simply carry on.

Guided meditation for healing with colours from the Universe
(22min 30sec) ~ Investment: 11$

Relax as you listen to this guided meditation. As my voice gently takes you to a space of deep healing, tranquillity and peace.

A guided visualisation into ‘being the space’
(18min 28sec) ~ Investment: $3

Are you a being in a body or a body in a being?
Relax as you are gently guided into an expansive energy and space ~ the space of being more of you. When we function from this space, we tap into the universal energy ~ the space that creates infinite possibilities.

Listen to this song every day.
Raise your Vibrational Energy.