Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Memories and Walk-ins

8th February 2022    Memories, walk ins, how we will work,

In most meditations Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense in Astral by various Guides. Guides/Visitors often take over and channel through Geoff.

G: Tonight they want to talk about memories. How memories play a part. I am at a building where I have been before. It’s a building that has old memories. This is all symbolic, it doesn’t actually work this way because they just need a way to explain it. The building itself is very dark and I go inside, and it’s just all old memories, things that have happened in the past which don’t really mean a lot. That is why it is so dark, they are out of date. But they have to be there, as a form of a reminder. In case we ever need them. Now, it’s not just our memories, it’s memories of lots of people. They are showing me how it’s a group memory, in a way. I can use the example of concentration camps, how it affected so many people. So you don’t need individual memories, you can lump them all together. So, if somebody wanted to learn and they weren’t around in those days, they can go back and they can have a group lesson. What would be the point of coming down to experience that individually, when they actually go into a group memory and see it for what it actually was. What they need to learn is what we learnt and what the people learnt from that experience. They don’t need to experience it because that is in the past. As we develop and progress, things that we have concluded in the past, the right way, the wrong way, the middle road and so on, what we have looked at, that helps us create the right sort of future, to progress; are simply there so the new generation can learn, simply by experiencing those memories.

Now when this happens on the other side. Let’s say somebody new comes down for a life in 50 years time. When all the information about concentration camps has been finished with, they would bring down a memory which,… you know you have several bodies and one of them is memories, and you choose memories to bring down, to experience this particular life with. So, if you wanted to come down and progress a bit further, you would have a memory of what the outcome was, of the concentration camps. It will simply be there as an understanding. And you wouldn’t have to think about it, worry about it, experience it. It would simply be there. As an example, we know at the moment, that murder is the wrong thing to do. We don’t have to go through experiencing it, we may want to experience both sides of that coin, to see what it’s like. But if it’s something that’s in the past, and you took a future generation, where we have advanced even more, it’s sort of logical to think that there wouldn’t be any such thing as murder, because we have all learnt that it’s the bad thing to do. You would have the occasional one as a reminder, but you wouldn’t have to experience it.

Now if we go back to how life started, and you know on this life on earth, there were several life cycles. And if you take the most recent life cycle, where we would have started as say, cavemen. And learnt all the primitive things and as we develop, we learn other things. And as we progress, those things that we have learnt can be left behind us. So, you take the important ones, you put them into your memory body, and then you get reincarnated, and then you progress from there.

I’m just going to back into this hall of memories. And see if I can see a memory which is relevant for some reason. Now also, when you go back into a memory, you can try this now – think of a specific point in your life, where you think of it – your wedding is a very good example, as you think of it, you will think of an overall picture of when you got married. And when you concentrate on it, you start to see a lot of other things, because all those are in your memory. But they are not relevant or important to you. So do that right now. Think of the wedding day and the reception afterwards. And see what additional things pop into your mind from that day. Just as an example, an experiment, a lesson. To see how much you can actually remember. ………

     I see what they are saying now. When you cross over, automatically when you look back, you don’t just see the overall picture like we have just done. You see every intricate detail. Because you need to understand far more. There’s lots of little interactions between people, which are part of the lessons which you have to learn. And they may not seem relevant but you get to understand people’s feelings and reactions and you sense their attitudes and all sorts of things. All these little things are helping you to progress. We only see the bigger picture, but there are all these little things in the background. Which help us progress.  

S: my brain shuts off a lot, not being able to process all the information.

G: very true. Now on the other side, this is the way they normally think. They don’t think about things like we do on earth, they think about 101 different things at the same time. Simply because the mind is much greater up there. And therefor they have the ability to do this. So when they look down, as they are now, watching us, we would seem very primitive, compared to the abilities that they have.

I remember doing a meditation where I went over the other side, and I experienced so many things. I talked to a dozen people at once. One of the things was music. So, it’s not a matter of playing a piano or a guitar and listening to that, you can mix them all up, it’s like having an orchestra. Because there is so much you can do at the same time, because you have that ability. Now you add into that, all the additional sounds that you have never heard before. And you create this. With your mind, because, you are able to see and experience so much more. Like Gerald, painting with emotions, not with paints.  

So, when you get to the mental levels, you start to learn all these different things and what seems very primitive, then, is things like we are experiencing now, the good guys, bad guys, theft, conmen, that sort of thing. That has all been dealt with already. So there life has progressed, an awful lot more. So then, how do they progress from there?

They can’t really say, because there is so much more to it. They can’t show us how much more yet, until we reach  that stage, which makes sense.

S: so there are people born with these gifts, they bring one of those qualities back with them. To create more.

G: yes, you have heard of walk-ins and what they do. What spirit have to do is balance the energy. There are people looking after earth, there are guides looking after each area, each province, each village, each country, so there is a hierarchy. So you  have a group of people, if you like, looking after the earth. And helping them make all these decisions. Now if they want to speed things up a bit, because things will seem very slow, and I’ve used this example before, where if you wanted to find the cure for aids, instead of having somebody born, who would have to then go to medical school and qualify and then eventually find the cure for aids, they send somebody down with that ability. And that is what walk-ins are. Walk-ins are used to simply balance the earth energy. To balance the progress of the people, to correct where they have gone too far astray. If it goes too far astray for example, we have a nuclear war and everybody gets wiped out, it’s a matter of starting all over again. And learning all over again.

S: it’s like an emergency procedure.

G: Yes, that’s why you have had life cycles already, on this planet, in which you can see, when you look back in history, the different civilisations. And the huge gaps of a hundred thousand years in between civilisations.

Now let’s look at the reason of why we are doing what we are doing and why we are going to be doing what we are doing.  We don’t need to concentrate on the future and the mental levels and what is going to happen in centuries time. We have been shown it, if you like, just out of courtesy and to have an understanding, to see the bigger picture. But what we will be doing now, over the next few years, is basically correcting the balance. When you think about it, because we will be teaching people the right way, to do things, based on what we have learnt, and what spirit have confirmed to us. So, that is what we will be teaching other people, and like we were saying, where Mom has affected so many people during her life and they have affected others and it’s gone on and on. So hundreds of thousands of people have been changed or informed. And we will basically be doing the same. Now I think, from what I can see is that our lives will be far more peaceful. Because we know what we are doing, there is no craving for career or money or whatever, as has been to date. So, it’s a matter of enjoying the day more, because we understand more. And we can teach others to do the same. And they will simply spread the word and so it will flow.

Now there is one extension to this, as we progress through this life, we will be given memories, which we will need to teach, help, etc. that we have not been able to have before, because we didn’t need them. It’s like giving you the exam results, they couldn’t give it to us early, because we have already done the exams. So what happens is, we will get to a certain level, and they will say “ok, here are your memories from the last few life times”, so you can leap frog, go ahead to the next level and teach more and understand more and so on.

I know years ago Verna and I were able to tap into a library in the sky and we have sort of forgotten about it. But we would go into meditation and ask a deep spiritual question, and we were allowed to go into this library and access that information. And we got it pretty quickly. And that because we were learning at that stage, and that was a simple way for us to learn. A lot of things are automated. When you think about it, people like us are learning all the time. And there are probably hundreds of thousands all over the world and planets. And you don’t need guides to give you the same information over and over. So it can be automated. And we have had some speak already, who is automated. Which just allows us to progress quicker.

S: it’s the same reason we record things, rather than repeat it over and over again. Memories can be useful, we can learn from them, but when we hang onto them, they affect our bodies. So we have to find that balance.

G: Balance, yes. Now we will still learn lessons, at this higher level. Because you can’t just go through having all the answers, so we will obviously make mistakes so that we can learn, and understand more.

S: I have a lot of tickling around my head.

G: another method of teaching is not just the two of you teaching future generations. There are lots of things in place, such as actors and actresses etc. They will portray things in movies. They will have a life, they will experience huge things. But they have a direct effect on people who are watching and following them. And as you discussed in the past, things like the 911, which brought groups of people together, and if you look back over the years, just the years that you have known, there have been a lot of major incidents, which effect millions of people in one go. A tsunami is another good example. Where there have been wars and on the other extreme you have, the Olympics, where new records are set, and this effects millions as well, and this all helps with the balance to create a balance. You have live shows, Americas got talent, these effect huge amounts of people worldwide. It brings in a very positive energy. Which spreads to a few million people at one go. If you then look at television and media, it does the same sort of thing. And this is another way of learning. Where you get media, which is exaggerated, for political reasons, the truth is bent many many times. And your experience in how that gets bent and understanding, so in future, you wouldn’t like to see that and if you had the opportunity you would guard against that happening, but also you would be more aware of it happening. Then you get tv shows, where for example you have a true-life story,  and those are always exaggerated a little bit but you get to see what people went through and what they experience and you will learn some from that. So, in everything, that is happening all around us, there is constant learning, at different levels. Now if you take how things have changed, and music is a good example, it has changed from your younger days to today and how it effects the youth of today. Then you have the drugs craze, the pornography craze, … all these different “adventures” for want of a word, you are able to see both sides, and understand them. And then move on.  






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