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Where do all your thoughts go? Thought is the beginning of creation. And thought is energy. If thought is energy, then it must ‘be’, and each thought must end up somewhere. I hate spiders, so when I think of an 8 legged crawly; it is a negative thought for me. Once I have thought of it, it is created into a thought form. This thought form will drift around, and as like attracts like, it will join with others and create a larger and scarier thought form. Being negative it has a low vibration, and drifts with other low vibration forms. When you astral travel (which we all do at night) your body passes through the lower levels on its way to the higher spiritual levels. If you are aware (or remember in the morning) you will see these thought forms, and if you ‘fear’ them they will be attracted towards you. But this will probably never happen to you, as by the time you are capable of remembering your astral travels you will understand that you are totally safe from these negative forms. To get rid of them is easy too, you simply cover them with white light (the strongest form of energy) and they disappear…it is a bit like shooting Xylon fighters in Star Trek. Good fun. Now take a low life bar on the wrong side of town, where there are aggressive and drunken brawls every night. These create thought forms too, and as like attracts like they join together, but they remain in that negative area. That is why when you enter such a place you can ‘sense’ the bad feeling (Bad vibes). In a Church it is the opposite. Safe and secure thought forms are created which remain in the Church, hence the safe and secure feelings you sense when you enter. A graveyard collects sad thought forms. A Hospital collects sad and scared thought forms. A Prison collects frustrated, angry and remorseful thought forms, and so on. In your home there will be a variety of ‘collections’. The study may have ‘work’ forms, the bedroom ‘happy’ forms and the dining room table ‘loving family’ thought forms. When you move these thought forms are left behind, and if you return in the future you will sense the new owners forms, and also sense your old thought forms. If you have a room in your home that has bad thought forms, such as the study where you always worry when you try to make ends meet and pay your monthly bills. You can clean the room by using white light. Just use your mind and imagine the whole room filling with a bright white light, and all the bad feelings disappearing, and they are gone. Much easier than you think. Each home has a memory rod too. This is where all the other thought forms go. It may be in the center of the house, in the basement, in the chimney or anywhere. (I have always found them at ground level. Never in the roof or walls) As your spiritual skills develop you will be able to ‘tune-in’ to the memory rod, and see what happened in the home going back to the day the home was built. The area around your home will have a memory rod too. Quite often it is an old tree, and that will contain the memories of what went on in the area. But not only your home. You can go anywhere and tune-in to memory rods. Try an old Monastery or the oldest building you can find. Or go out into the forest and find the oldest tree and sit with your back against it and meditate. You will be surprised what you will get. The North American Indians used memory rods all the time. When the seasons changed or when they needed to move to another area, one of the wise elders would find the new site long before they needed to move. He would travel in one direction to start, and tune-in to memory rods along the way. By doing this he could see what the seasons were like in the past, plus the amount of game for food, water supply, and even how well the vegetation grew. Everything he needed to make a sound decision. He would then return to the camp knowing where the next camp would be made. Lastly let’s look at your past-lives. When you go back into a past life, either through meditation or Hypnosis, you are able to see what you did, and how you lived. What you are doing is tapping into your old memories, AND tuning in to various memory rods. So thought is creation, and thoughts can be stored for thousands of years.  

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