Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff: If you look at overall life from primitive days up to now, there has been a tremendous growth- so if you take the same distance ahead it’s got to go grow, and get better. That’s progress, and like I’ve seen this one planet that is 70 000 years in the future where they just communicate with mind, light, energy and so on. So we are progressing that way, and the minds that they use at that level must have to be very clean and pure. The group couldn’t advance to that level if the minds – if the group minds weren’t pure because the amount of damage a group could do with the wrong minds would be quite awesome.

Miriam (Ishmael) There are other universes where this has happened, where progress has been made and it is mostly with the mind, for there are many universes, not just this one. I have traveled to quite a few, but there are so many that even I could not guess, or could not tell you how many there are- and each one is in a different stage of development.

Geoff: The place I’m at now – I’m not sure whether it’s the future, or a different dimension or, a different universe.

Miriam (Ishmael): A different universe.

Geoff: And the universe is the size of this room – that’s all!

Miriam (Ishmael) Yes.

Geoff: It is so….the development is very high, and they’ve developed it to such a stage where they don’t need anything physical or even tangible.

Miriam (Ishmael) That is it.

Geoff: It is highly developed minds, which can create whatever they need at any stage. They’re linked together through … is it human energy – spiritual energy? – no, not spiritual energy.

Miriam (Ishmael) No, not spiritual energy

Geoff: Linked together through an energy that they have created, which is never ending, continuous. The language that they use is so far advanced, that he cannot communicate with me. As we talk to a child, if they did that to me he would still sound far too advanced for me to understand.

Miriam (Ishmael) It would, it would.

Geoff: You can only comprehend with the mind what this could possibly be. It would be pointless to explain any form of living, or getting enjoyment from anything or the cycle of life. It would be pointless to explain because of the stage of development. It’s been shown to us because this was the subject, and they heard the subject being discussed and asked if they could show us this. I’ll just describe physically what I see. It is the shape of this room and there are twenty or thirty funnels coming out. It’s very green, it’s got a green backdrop and sort of almost green leaves over that, and there are twenty or thirty funnels coming down from the top and getting wider as they get down to the bottom and at the bottom they curl up. The reason for this is one of the types- or one of the main types of energy that they use needs to bounce off, or go in a curve. That’s basically all they can say and that’s why it is in that shape. Nothing else really matters. What they’ve created is a total universe where they have everything they could want through the mind so one person would be, I don’t know, smaller than a pinprick in energy size….

Miriam (Ishmael) Much smaller.

Geoff: …yet he can exist…. Yes, this is a whole universe we are talking about so obviously you know, much smaller but they can exist in any environment they want – any size, shape, color but they can also travel to other dimensions and to other universes, and learn more. They are also continually developing, and with the high developed minds that they have at the moment, development is just getting faster and faster, and the things that they are creating are just getting more and more phenomenal. They are getting further and further apart from us, for instance, at this level of progress and development.

Miriam (Ishmael) You are doing very well. I certainly did not expect you to see that.

Geoff: They’re just too fascinating for me. Now inside- the life they live is in several dimensions at once- because they have learnt spiritual development, and they have learnt that you must progress through several lives- and it takes time to go through several lives, so if you can as we do here, split into different dimensions when they need that information. That is what they’re doing and in a way it’s like having a miniature higher self –that’s the person I’m talking to. Instead of being an ordinary person there it’s a miniature higher self, who can split himself into several dimensions and experience several things at once and understand all – each dimension understands all the other dimensions at the same time.

Miriam (Ishmael) Yes, they do.

Geoff: So, (laughter) what we’ve learnt here so far is “nothing.” (laughter)

Miriam (Ishmael) That put you in your place.

Geoff: Quite phenomenal.

Miriam (Ishmael) It is. Just as you think that you’re expanding and growing, then they slap you down, but in a nice way.

Geoff: The person who is talking to me cannot show me himself as a figure. He can show me himself as anything he wants to- as he exists, but he is not a figure and does not have a name because everything is telepathic communication. I see him as something which is impossible for me to describe. As an example, if you think of your first romance, when you get heartache you feel an emotion. If you think of somebody you really love you get a feeling in your heart, which is love, which is sort of first romance – you know what I’m trying to say.

Miriam (Ishmael) Yes.

Geoff: That’s an emotion which you can’t describe and it’s the same sort of feeling that he’s trying to show me – something along those lines. So I’m not seeing a picture or a mental picture. I’m sensing an emotion in a way. That’s how I recognise it.

Miriam (Ishmael) Now wasn’t that good?

Geoff: Amazing. Amazing. And the color is just

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