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MIRIAM PASSES OVER.    By SpiritualDictionary.com

An understanding of what happens when someone close passes over is one thing, but to experience it is another. Miriam (One of the writers of the Spiritual Dictionary) and also my Mother passed over at the age of 90, and even after 30 years of developing spiritually I was again surprised at what happened.


She was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke – as if that was not bad enough they then found she had brain cancer……..and then pneumonia.

While she was in hospital I was able to “tune-in” to her in Astral and was “shown” more than discussed her situation. She showed me her bags packed ready to move on and she was getting her final things in order. Some distance away were many of her friends waiting to help her cross over. What puzzled me at first when I saw them was that they were dressed in black and white – no colour at all. I know that when someone passes over all the colours of the rainbow filter from above to the person dying and the soul or spirit moves through the colours to the other side. The black and white simply meant that everything was ready for the process to start.

On the night before she died I tuned in once again and was shown her with her bags all packed, but this time she was out of her body and looking in her early 20’s. She showed me her physical in the hospital bed and let me experience what she was feeling…………. She could not speak nor move her body, but with her experience was able to move out of her physical body and continue with her preparations – her physical was her last link to this world.

We said our good-byes and the emotions had the “right amount” of sadness but nothing that I couldn’t handle, as I could sense the relief, absolute calmness and excited anticipation at crossing over that she was feeling.

The next morning at the exact time that she physically “died’ I was making coffee as normal and I never sensed a thing.  I got the news 2 hours later ………..and I was so surprised as I was expecting to help with the passing over …….at the very least to “sense” her passing over.

When the initial shock of her death was wearing off my wife Verna and I were discussing it and tuned-in without thinking – and surprise surprise – there was a message…………….a bit like a message on an answering machine.

Miriam had left an “Instant understanding” message – which allowed us to experience what she had done………….. Her main concern when preparing to pass over was that

her spouse of 70 years and her children would be “prepared for the worst”. Once she was satisfied with that, she left a barrier between herself and all those she left behind – first and foremost to protect them, but also to allow her to move on quicker without being held back by the feelings of grief and sadness from everyone.

The next part of the message was why she never contacted me at her moment of passing – she simply did not want to add to my feelings of sadness……..very clever.

She then shoed me that when you look at the life you have just experienced and how it effected others (which you do when you pass over) the more advanced you are the quicker this process can be done – and of course as “all time is now” this can be far quicker than we originally thought.


 I then saw the joy in Mom and it changed my feelings of deep sadness………..she allowed us to experience some of the joy that she was feeling……….and that changed our feelings from such deep sadness to just happiness and understanding.

Since then we have sensed her laugh so much – such freedom now and just unconditional love for everyone…………………………and that makes us very very happy and able to cope with it all.



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