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MONK PASSING OVER – SON SEES HIS SPIRIT – By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Miriam is channelling a guide called John. Geoff – There is a monk, and he has a very young son with him, about three or four years old. I have gone past this house a little way into the garden, which is enormous, and I have met the monk and his son under a tree, I have to take the son with me into the house, as the monk is going to die. I don’t know if it is of old age or if he is killed, but it is his karma, and he does not want his son to witness it. Now I take the son into the house. Miriam (John) – You are quite right so far, this is John speaking. Geoff – Welcome John. The father has done this because he is now dying or being killed and he wants to initiate his son, and he wants to give him perfect proof of life after death, and that is why he needs us there so that we can immediately make a link between the spirit of this monk and the boy. Miriam (John) – Yes. Geoff – I am not sure how he dies but it is somehow across his back or neck, he is in the process of dying now, but I think and this instance has been compressed so that we can do this, I guess that is how I see it anyway. Now shortly the father will come into the house and the son will begin to realize that what he has been taught in his very early days can be accepted by his earthly mind. He has children with him in spirit and is used to seeing spirit children, when his father leaves he will leave for a long time, but the impression in the child’s mind will be that of his father, and when his father comes back in many years time, in the future, it will be the identical impression, and the child will be able to recognize and immediately understand and accept it. Miriam (John) – Yes. Geoff – I am concerned for the father for I can see a great amount of pain across his back, I think it was not, he wasn’t killed but it was an accident that he knew would happen. He had karma to go through and he dies of a broken back, crushed. As his spirit leaves his body as it does now, for the main part of it takes time to leave, it is now being helped across by other spirits, and shown to the boy. It is not for long, but long enough for this image to remain permanently in this child’s mind. The father needs a lot of energy for what he is doing, and it is also a lesson, it is hard for him but he knew he must do it before he came to earth, he is a very advanced spirit. And he also leaves behind a strong image and continues with the passing over process, the image that he has left behind is difficult to explain. The child is in a form of shock, he has held his father and understood, but the father’s image still remains in the chair opposite the boy. The boy can see it as being solid, whereas in fact it is just gas, an energy that is there. And this will remain while the boy calms down and falls asleep and when he wakes the image will be gone but the vibration will still be there. I think it is us that is holding that energy there. Miriam (John) – And this is where we have taken a lot of energy from your father, for he gives out such a lot although he does not realize. Geoff – I have also seen my father in meditations before in a younger form, it that correct? Miriam (John) – Yes, that is right. Geoff – Which is his higher self? Miriam (John) – Yes, his higher self. Geoff – Oh good. Miriam (John) – And that is quite another experience for you, and very well done. Geoff – Good, I think it is safe to leave this one, we leave a lot of energy in that room and withdraw. I also see the energy connected to the father who is passing over.

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