Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening




Kim who was around 22 weeks pregnant had a cold which had been on and off for several days. When I started to give her healing I saw that she was “holding everything in” as she was worried that the cold would affect the baby.


Anything negative must have a physical outlet which is why colds normally occur. Kim was therefore trying to stop it occurring because she was worried (albeit subconsciously) about the baby. What exacerbated the problem too was that Kim could not take any of the usual medicine that her body had been used to for a cold because of the pregnancy which helped confuse her system\body even more.


The central point of the negativity was around the nose, eyes and forehead and I had to release this. I put my hand over her eyes and told her she would probably feel suffocated, and she passed out immediately. This released the problem. Afterwards her body drained her energy fast as it tried to catch up with where it should have been. The next stage of course is sleep so that the energies can revitalize the physical and she should have slept like the dead.


I also saw during the healing that it was possible to use the normal “heavy” energy on Kim. To do that I used the “light” energy (which is all babies can take) until I found the problem and then changed just that part to the heavy energy and isolated it from the rest of her body.


Because babies in the womb can grow, change, adapt and heal much quicker than we can, the mother (because she is linked) can heal faster too.

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