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MOTOR ACCIDENT – 1989   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Verna is teaching a new group astral healing, Verna “sees” the problems in astral and directs the group to give energy in the right places.

Verna – There is a baby in the back seat, and it is squashed and badly injured. They bring out the lady first, and they ask us to remove the glass from her face with our minds, there is lots of blood, and her shoulder is crushed.  And there is a big gash on the side of her head, on the right side and firstly they ask that we clean her face, remove the pieces of glass, some tiny ones, and take the flap of skin on the right side of her head and make sure it is clean, there is no glass, and then hold it back into place, and there is a half-moon shape to this wound, and we will take the loose skin and fold it back into place, and gently take the fingers across the skull, the wound and join the skin together. And while we do this she is suffering terribly from shock, and she needs warmth from us and so send her warmth, keep her warm, she is shivering from shock, and she is worried about her baby.

I would like you to smooth her skin across her face, all the time sending warmth from your hand and your body, and wrap her up in a warm flannel. Before we continue we have to slow down her heart, the shock is bad, please concentrate on her heart, and if you like put your hand on your heartbeat and think of the pace of your heartbeat, and you might be able to pick up her speeding heart, and with your mind, please it is vitally important that we slow down this ladies heartbeat before we do anymore.

She is calming and now before we do her shoulder I would like to bring the baby, who is hurt internally and the neck is damaged. I would like to give the baby the same warmth that you gave the mother, and we will put the baby next to the mother on the left side where she is not injured, and this will help slow her heart down, and stop the baby from going into shock. I would like you to think of this little baby’s spine, it is just over a year old, and straighten the spine, although it is just the neck, we must straighten the spine from the bottom, softly. That is better.

And now if you could think of the inside of your body as you know it, and then take those thoughts, the picture, the full picture, as there is not one part of this poor little babies insides which has not been squashed, and as you would blow up a balloon, for a figure of speech, we ask that you enlarge and reshape the inside of the torso of this poor child. We have a very advanced doctor and medical team and healer working on the child, we simply need your energy for this is far too much work to save this child’s life, as she is not meant to pass over, but we do not want the pain and agony that the injuries will cause, and the years and years of trouble, and recurring pain.

And how well they work, it is your energy and your thoughts, which are enabling them to succeed at this task for the earthly vibrations here, are so vitally important for this child. You cannot believe how much you are helping. The heart rate is almost normal, the mother has recovered from the shock, mostly because her baby is at her side, the child’s head is also badly damaged, once again we will not go into detail, it takes too much skill.

So if we could just imagine the inside of the head and round it out nicely, the earth vibrations with these thoughts will enable us to do the work which is necessary. Some are still working on the body, but we want you now to think of the head. There are no bones broken, a little chip on the skull, no cuts, just spend a minute seeing this baby as you would if it was healthy without the internal injuries. There is slight internal bleeding, they are working on that now, you could help stop that.

I would like you now to go into the baby’s mind and talk to it, and encourage this little one to fight for its life, we know the child will not pass over, but the child needs to know this, for if it gives up, life will be so hard. Whereas if this little child fights now, it will overcome so much of the trauma and the internal healing will be far more successful from the power of its own little mind. Thank you, if we could go back now to the lady and her shoulder.

I am terribly sorry for my error, it is the left shoulder and not the right shoulder, the bones are crushed, if you could imagine the shoulder blade, and put these bones together, you are getting very good at this, we have had enough practice, we will put the shoulder blade together. And if you could imagine the movement of the shoulder with all the tissues and the ligaments, once again you do know that you do not need to know exactly what this looks like, if you just put your thoughts there and you imagine the shoulder movement loosening up and the muscles and ligaments not so taught and torn, this will help us to mend the shoulder. They are about to arrive to take these two injured people for medical care so we will leave now, God bless you for your help. I do not think we have ever done healing with such good timing before, but this accident has just happened.

We will go with them, we will let you know how they are getting on, God bless you.

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