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Each meditation is getting more and more exciting. In this one I am being taken in Astral to experience various forms of energy and sensing. A visitor guide is channeling to me through Miriam. January 1998. Geoff:     There is something else here and I keep going in the same direction over these mountains……… and I go down on the left side and there is a huge mountain covered in greenery, and it is very solid and big, must be forty or fifty miles across. It is a mountain in a group of mountains and very sort of flat instead of tall….. when I land on top of this mountain, I have to go inside I go downwards inside the mountain. It is very dark but there are circles, orbs of floating energy and they are a white creamy colour, slightly pink. There are a lot of them, okay I’ve gone inside one……… and this is stored energy, it is dormant, it is waiting to be used. So it is simply a holding area for energy and it can be activated to a variety of different energies. Miriam (Guide) Can you get what you think they will be used for – in the distant future Geoff:     It is a superior form of intelligence, a higher form of life, sort of mechanical. Yes – it seems to be a mechanical form of life, because they will be controlled by advanced spirits who will use them. I can see them open them up and they just sort of blossom and they go up. It is pre-constructed energy that is used, that has been made for specific purposes. So it is already made…… they don’t have to think it through, they just call out one of these things, they open it above where it has to go and it does the job automatically. So it speeds up the whole process, instead of going through an area and thinking what has to be done to it and working it all out, it’s already pre-done, it’s like a frozen dinner in other words. Miriam (Guide) Can you get an idea of when they will be used, or not.  I don’t mean the year or what specific purpose. Geoff:     Okay, after a catastrophe. Miriam (Guide) Hah that’s it Geoff:     Yes, so once there is one, they just send a lot of these out and they can re-build the area, or balance it the way it should be balanced.

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