Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a Guide called Jeremiah turns up unexpectedly and just asks if I have any questions. He is channeling through Miriam and talking directly to me.
Miriam (Guide) – Now that I am here, quite unexpectedly, I am not quite sure what we should talk about. Any ideas. I am quite willing. Geoff: Okay – I have a simple question. Communication with guides. I have guides but I haven’t communicated directly with them for months. Why? Miriam (Guide) – And that will not be until your mind is more settled. Geoff: But why can I do other things such as healing and yet not communicate with my guides? Miriam (Guide) – It is because they know the questions that you will be asking of them. You can do the healing which you are progressing with very well, with someone else and it does not cause the same difficulty. Geoff: So, are you saying my mind is too confused to be able to communicate with my guides. Miriam (Guide) – Yes, yes it is. They would much rather that you had your practical, your physical difficulties, not all out of the way, of course, for there will always be some there. For the most part they would much rather that you were on a straight and smoother path then they will come back to you. That is not to say that they are never here but they are not yet ready to renew the contact.

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