Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

NATURE – ANTS By The Spiritual Dictionary

Geoff – I have another hole in the ground, I seem to be getting a lot of these lately. It is at the back of an estate, a housing estate, a council estate looks like, and there are some wooden railings and the hole looks square, it has got some wooden railings around it and inside I can just see blackness, I can’t actually sense anything there for the moment, but what I will do is go down and see what is in there. There is one big ant like creature, it looks just like an ant, but I am not sure at this stage if I am much smaller or if the ant is very big, it looks to be huge. Miriam (White Feather) – I think you are smaller. Geoff – The earth below is very black, very dark, sticky earth, looking down from above I can see earth, but looking up from below I can see through the earth. The ant is very friendly, it is making nice noises and it is just staying by my right shoulder watching what I will do next. There are trails which I am moving along, but now this is the interesting part, I am moving through tunnels in this ant’s nest, but I can see straight through the earth, but I can see not through my eyes visually, but through sensing, and what that sensing is doing, my brain is interpreting it to be empty space. And this is what ants actually do, so they can sense communication from individuals and from a group, and their minds translate all these vibrations into a very clear picture of the whole thing, that is amazing. Miriam (White Feather) – And knowing what you do about group souls and the more intelligent the animal, then the sooner they become human, you can accept that the ant, although small, will be quicker than a lot of other insects. Geoff – Yes, but to have this gift, it is far beyond what the human mind can do at this stage. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes. Geoff – So I would say that it was one type of development for the ant, which then eventually gets on to human life, which is a different form of development, but at a later stage in human life, the powers and gifts that it had as an ant will come back into it when it is human, but at a far more developed stage than we are, and we will be able to do the same thing. Now I have sat down in the middle, this ant on my right is the main communicator, and what I will try and do is talk to the group. And immediately I get an answer, now the answer I got was like a fast buzz, like when you stir up an ant’s nest and they all buzz around, but I could interpret that answer as what they said, which was basically “yes we are willing to talk to you”. The hairs on an ant’s legs are like little aerials, they have just shown me all the hairs on my arms, communication comes from hundreds or thousands of ants at once, and they are all picked up by whichever aerial is available and it takes the information, send it up to the brain of the ant, where it is then compiled into the full picture. The antennae that the ant has on its head, the two antennae are just to pick up the immediate surroundings and to find its way along paths and tunnels and so on. The vibrations of what is happening also is passed through the earth, it is a different type of vibration, it’s a general one, now to give you an example, if it is raining outside they will feel an even vibration passing through the tunnels, which they immediately pick up as rain, so then they do the necessary, whatever they do when it rains, block tunnels and so on. Now I find the queen, and the queen is the nucleus of the colony, she is not a highly intelligent ant, does not control or manage the colony, they all do that themselves as a group. Information is bounced off the queen and everybody answers and replies, which is picked up immediately, it is just a central point. That is why whenever a queen moves the nest completely surrounds the queen.

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