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NATURE – BEES By The Spiritual Dictionary

I am now for some reason outside of that and I am on the top of an old stone roof, which is in the form of a dome, and this is to look at bees, and there is a bee’s nest here. I am much larger than before and I am looking at this nest and trying to communicate, I reduce my size and go inside. Miriam (White Feather) – Much handier. Geoff – Yes, very convenient. Because of the unknown of what is inside, my mind occasionally brings in things that I think, now I know it is my mind and not what I am seeing, and I keep pushing those aside, interesting. Now on the walls of where I am there are very fine hairs with minute bits of pollen on, not as big as what’s carried on the bees legs and it seems to be an ultra sensitive form of communication, it is like when you see the wind go across a corn field and one patch of corn moves right across the field as the wind pushes it, it is very similar to that and information, general information is carried along this. In this way the bees find where they must next head for, they can tell the weather and any major event in the hive or nest. When the young first hatch, what they automatically have in them, which is in the genes of the bee, is the communication to connect up to all these fine hairs, and as soon as they do hatch they start to receive information on their surroundings and that is how they know what to do next. Which researchers say is instinct, it is not instinct, it is direct communication. Miriam (White Feather) – While you are talking about communication, I think you have heard that there is great rapport between a bee and its keeper. Can you find out anything about that? Geoff – I have got a lot of little divas here; let’s see if I can find out anything about the keepers. Yes, the energy fields, as the keeper touches the hives energy comes out of the hands in the form of love, when he cares for the bees what he is doing is giving out energy through his hands and this travels along all these fine hairs, and the bees can feel the love and contentment. Miriam (White Feather) – So you can accept now that when a person passes over, and no one tells the bees, that they do know and they will flee or go from the hive that is there to somewhere else. Geoff – Yes because that energy force is not around anymore. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes, a lot of people think it is just an old wife’s tale, but it is not so, the touch must be continued quickly or else they will leave. Geoff – Now with all these different forms of communication, it shows you how well balanced nature is, there are many different types of communication that do not overlap, separate fields of communication, for instance bees do not communicate with ants, or whatever but what I am saying is that they don’t all communicate with each other, but they can communicate between specific groups. Miriam (White Feather) – So perhaps it is not so silly to hear of people talking to their plants? Geoff – No, that is very true, all right I will have a look at plants in a minute, what I am seeing at the moment is from a bees point of view, I have got in front of me a field with trees either side and so on, and the air is full of like very fine dust. It is actually air, air is in particles and the air also communicates information to the bees and pressure and I can see it from a bee’s point of view. I am experiencing what a bee feels, understands, not just the wind, but it brings with it what is happening in different areas and what time of year it is and lightness and pollen, and vibrations from people moving and interrupting the air, and it is carried for a long distance. Miriam (White Feather) – Surprising?

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