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Nature – the eco-system and Divas 

5th Feb 2022

Nature – the eco-system and Divas     By

We continue with Geoff being shown the lesson, and then one of the guides takes over.

We finished off last time with energy and natures energy.  What I am being shown now is, like a landscape scene.  If you can imagine everything on the earth, from below the ground, to the fields and the trees on the ground and then the people, the animals, and then going up to spirit.

All of this is connected, there’s millions and millions of very fine lines going through and around everybody.  Because as we know, it’s all lessons within lessons and it’s all controlled within the group of people that control.  Simplifying that, at the top we have got spirit, that are controlling the Earth, if you like.  Then on Earth we have the people, and people that send energies to other people, and the people that send energy to plants, and to animals. You are brought up to understand nature, to a certain degree.

You  have both sides of the coin, you have got your understanding of animals and pets, horses, dogs and cats etc, and on the other side you have got hunters.  There will always be a little bit of negative in amongst the positive.  And then automatically you talk to plants, in a way.  You see a flower and you say “what a beautiful flower”, what you are doing there is simply sending a beautiful, loving energy. And then you get the opposite, which is a cactus for example. Pointy, sharp and a little bit of negative energy.

So in every aspect of nature and energy, there is always positive and negative.  And as we discussed last time, negative energy can be beneficial. 

If you then add in, with nature, you’ve got the rivers and the clouds, and the sunshine.  And then you’ve got the energy that comes from other planets, which is absorbed by us.  Then you add in all of our bodies.  And of course the bodies are different, the physical body is totally different than the spiritual body.  It has copies of the physical, which we use for healing. Then you’ve got the ethereal, the memories and so on. Which are simply other forms of energy.  So, everything is made up of energy. And energy is all interconnected.

Now what you learn on Earth is, the energies that are around you, the human aspect, you learn so much about pets, animals and nature; a little bit about trees and plants and shrubs; and you learn a little bit about weather and so on. But nobody sees this overall picture as we do, of all the energy together, all interlinked and all controlled (or directed rather than controlled). People themselves control it because of free will.

I am going to take you through to see some Divas this evening, as promised.  Divas are energy spirits, as you know that look after nature for us. We talk to them as a group energy. They basically keep nature where it is supposed to be. It’s pretty much like an automated process. But nature needs a little bit of help every now and then from the Divas, the same as humans need a little bit of help from guides and spirits.

I want you to go down to where you have been before, your lake, with the waterfall on the left. And you’ve got the oak tree at the bottom of the lake and I want you to sit next to the oak tree for a minute, and put your feet in the water. As you know, if you look straight across, you’ve got your garden and benches and places you have been before.  If you look to the right, you will see a huge forest, it’s a forest all the way down to the sea, and that’s where we are going to go.

I’d like you to cross the water to the right-hand side, so you going across at an angle, like 2 o’clock. Way to the right of where your garden is. You go across the water and you see the bank on the other side. You will see an opening, go through the opening, and you will be walking through the forest.  As you go through this forest, you will find that looking ahead, it will look as if things are a little bit lighter, it is not a forest where there is heavy canopy, overgrowth, hot and humid, it’s very comfortable. This lightness is created through the energy spirits.  As you walk deeper and deeper into the woods, sense where you are walking… you are walking on Earth, sense the black earth beneath your feet.  The top of course has a bit of a crust and below that, is the black earth, there are so many roots going off into different directions, and there is a lot of things happening down there, there are things being generated, turned into a bit of ‘fuel’, worms, bugs, moles, etc. Sense that below you, sense where you are, to the right and left of you are trees.  First of all we are going to look at insects and bugs, flys and butterflys and caterpillars and ants, lots of little creatures, and each of those live in their own community. They look after themselves and of course work very well together. If you take just the ants, it’s a community of ants, and they see the outside world to their territory. Above the tiny insects, you have all the smaller animals, the birds, moles, squirrels and small animals that scuttle around. And they have their own territories too, which they create and look after. Then you get the bigger animals, which don’t see so much of the smaller animals and insects, but they are very aware of them.

As you keep walking, you see ahead of you it gets lighter and lighter and this is where we have a little collection of Diva’s, waiting to talk to you.  You are going to talk to them as a group mind, and you will be able to feel them all around you.  As you go a little bit further, you come to a nice opening, which is a little bit lighter. Nice green grass.  I want you to sit down on the Earth, cross-legged, and you will sense first of all, the Earth below you, all these tiny creatures around you, all the little insects, birds, bigger animals in the distance, and then everywhere you look there are these tiny little diva’s.  They are tiny, but they cover everything. Their communication is beautiful because it’s all one thought form.  They can communicate over huge distances because they are all linked. It’s a bit like the ocean, the ocean is all linked and so are the diva’s and that’s how they can look after such a vast territory. From a very small area to a vast area. 

I am going to leave you here to sit in peace, sit down comfortably and just wait for them to come towards you, you can talk to them, and you can feel what they feel, they will communicate back to you. I am going to leave you here, to sit, enjoy and experience, and I will come back and get you shortly.  And take you back again.

… And now I want you to remain sitting where you are, and I am going to show you a small disctinction between nature and human life.  The diva’s look after nature, but at some stage there is a line between nature and the next step of evolving.  Nature is basically, the plants, herbs, trees, grass, ground and so on. So where do insects fit in? Insects are the next level up. Nature spirits look after the insects, by making sure they have the right ‘food’, water and nutrients around them so they can flourish and that’s how they learn that particular aspect of their lives. Then they will progress to smaller animals, squirrels, moles and so on. And there, they get a little bit more because a lot of them will feed on insects and they will relate to insects, and they will get energy from insects. It all happens in levels.

Then they progress to higher levels, for example: Deer.  What category do they fit into, they are not plants, they are evolving, they are on another level.  So these levels progress, you’ve got the smaller animals, then you have the rest of the nature animals, right up to elephants. And the way they learn, is they learn all different aspects.  An elephant for example, will learn that it doesn’t have any predators.  A smaller animal will learn that it does. So there are various lessons that they learn along the way. Then you have just before the human stage, dogs, cats and horses.  And they are getting energy on a human level because at that stage, the humans are giving energy to those types of animals.

If you look at the eco-system today, where animals are becoming extinct etc. they are being looked after more by humans than they are by nature. That’s how the levels develop.  Then you get to a human level, and you start to progress through there.

So now I’d like you to come back, out of the woods, back up the hill, and back to where we are and open your eyes.

G: He is gone.

S: That was amazing, you can feel all the energies, the earth energy and then all the lighter much more active energy of the smaller insects.  Being by the patch was amazing, I could feel the divas on my nose, like a little tickle or buzz, then around my eyes, and a band around my head.  They were saying they create magic (Their words) they do healing, on anything. They create magic. The buzzing sensation is so beautiful.   We work so much together and create so much magic, if humans had to do the same thing, can you imagine how much magic could be created. 

Their unity builds energy up.  Humans segregate and separate themselves.  And the huge group of them work together and they create an amazing amount of energy, and although they are so tiny, as a group it becomes massive. It’s a very stable energy, because they have been doing it for so long. When you look up the chain and you get to the humans, humans are still in conflict with one another, because they are still developing and learning. Once the humans become levelled out, they move up to the mental level, the next level up, and so it progresses from there.

So, the energy, when you are down there, all these tiny little divas and nature, is so beautiful. And that’s why when you are sick or stressed, you go out into the country for a weekend, or in a field under a tree, and you just absorb that super soft energy, and nature.

It is such a beautiful energy.

The more unity you have helps you create more energy, more strength and power.

The energy you put into something, is the energy you will create.


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