Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Nature (Very good)

1054 Using insects to change energy to positive
1051  Guides putting memories into Fish to help evolve with the change  (Part 3) Very good
1040 Nature corrects damage by floods in Pakistan
1035 How nature will handle Microplastics
1031 New energy brought in from the sea
1002 Nature looks after itself (Fish)
955 March 2022 Seedlings storing memories (for generations)
954 March 2022. Things you didn’t know about Nature & energies
947 Feb 2022 Nature, Divas and Red Indians
915 Your higher-self shares info with others to create new Nature
909 How food from animals and fish will change along with nature
908 How food will change along with nature
893 Intro to bigger Divas and forest energy
823 Visiting Natures peace center
751 Divas storing energy for balance when needed.
750. May 2022 Colors and memories in Nature and DNA
749 Nature thinking the right way
734 6th May 2022  Dancing to create rain
722 New colours for nature to help with the change
704 April 2022 Nature is just positive
15th February 2022. How energies work with nature
16th April 2022 Nature shares negative energy
17th April 2022 Sharon’s Orange Nature Energy
21st March 2022 New Governments, New ways of looking at plants and herbs.
Creating a new nature
Divas healing a forest
Emotions and nature
Energy that cleans water  
Energy to create marine life     
Energy Water and Animals
Healing negative energy
How nature filters energy
Ladybird communicated with geoff
Little people
March 22nd 2022. Get back to Nature
Nature energy in Tibet
Nature the eco-system and Divas
New product to help nature is here
Plants and Flowers
Seeing inside a flower
Sensing energies in nature     
Storms and energy      
Understanding Nature
Working with divas in a past life 

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