Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


This meditation session is the start of lessons about group energy. The guide tonight is White feather who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – Okay, I’ve got a big city and the city is empty.  It’s a main city road then it goes into a “Y”, a fork.  I can see black railings, old buildings.  But the city is totally empty, there are loads of pamphlets, pieces of paper on the road just all blowing around and it’s very desolate. And now I’m getting a second thing. Outside of the city somewhere is a road running around the edge of a field.  Just a plain mud road, it curves round and it goes into a wood.  There’s a connection between the two.  And I think that this is Ireland.  At first it looked like London, but now I think its Ireland.  And I think the street has been deserted because of a bomb scare. White feather (Miriam): You are right Geoff – Thank You. White feather (Miriam): This is White Feather. Geoff – Welcome White feather (Miriam): Back again to torment you. Geoff –   Excellent.  Okay, the guys who planted the bomb have actually gone off on this path into the wood.  I presume that area has been evacuated.  But I think what I have to see is the people who did it.  So I’ll continue down this path and into the wood.  I follow it along and there’s a black car with the guys in it.  It’s behind a tractor and it’s going along very slowly in a lane.  There’s a farmhouse on the right, the black car turns in there and the tractor carries on going.  The black car is a bit out of character because it’s shiny, newish etc.  I don’t think that’s too important.  Let’s see if I can see the people. (Laugh) Okay I’m being shown a type of museum again, which shows me that it’s past information.  So this is an event that has already happened.  In the museum, the main thing I see, inside one of the cases, is like a lot of blackish, dark spider webs and it’s like a lot of webs spun together. White feather (Miriam): And that is why you laughed – being arachnophobic Geoff – Yeah. And that is the hatred that these guys have, there are 3 of them that did this.  It’s hatred but it’s also the emotion, it is fanatical.  And that fanatical emotion takes them over, they don’t think logically anymore, it’s been bred into them so much that that is just the way they think.  They are believing everything they say and convincing themselves even more.  That is why they are doing it.  So they are believing more and more that they are right.  They isolate themselves from the rest of the community.  They think that everybody else is just normal.  Well, everybody else is out there but they are the true ones who understand and know what is going on and they must do what they have to do.  And they think that these sort of planting bombs and then evacuating the area and so on, is furthering their cause but all it’s doing really is building up more anger against them. White feather (Miriam):  Yes, a lot of anger. Geoff – Now they sort of feed on that anger because it’s also a negative which makes them retaliate, stronger, be more convinced that what they are doing is right.  Because you can’t see this anger.  They don’t ‘feel’ the anger because it’s a group anger.  They only feel a part of it.   Now, what will happen in the future, is when they go back, eventually, they will go back into a town, for instance, where there is a lot of anger – and that anger is in the form of thought forms and they will travel through these thought forms and be connected by the group mind although they don’t know of the group mind.  These groups of angry thought forms will all form into one.  And as these guys go back in there, it will feed them very negative vibrations and they will feel like losers, they will start to lose the desire to……… they’ll get fed up with it because they’ve got all this bad energy around them.  And that, in a way will push them out of the area and it will make them rethink, but the way they will think is “to hell with this, I’ve had enough of this life, I’m going to go do something else” and “life is so unfair” and off they will go and they’ll do something else which is not particularly productive but it will stop them on this very bad, damaging path. White feather (Miriam): Like a treadmill. Geoff – Yeah. White feather (Miriam): Now you have that right now where do you think that is? Geoff – I’m pretty certain that’s Ireland. White feather (Miriam): Yes, of course it is. Geoff – Now, what the younger generation sees is their heroes, if you like, are going out and doing all this damage and then their heroes disappear because they get fed up.  But the younger generation, the lower ranks, look up to their heroes and they try and do the same thing.  They think this is the right thing to do.  So as one lot moves out the next lot moves in – so you’ve got this continual cycle of new bad guys coming in to plant bombs and so on.  The only way to reverse the cycle is for the higher bad guys to go back to the lower ones.  But it doesn’t allow at this stage for that to happen. White feather (Miriam): Not yet. Geoff – Because… I can see it…. The mould is so set and they are so set in their ways that they can’t go back on their ways so they just have to leave and the next lot comes forward. White feather (Miriam): Yes, you have it right. Geoff – Good.  It’s very interesting how a group mind does that.  And yet the group mind doesn’t know it’s a group mind, or the people don’t know they are part of a group mind.  It’s their thought forms.  So where you get something like a prayer meeting where everybody believes that they are doing good things, they send out good vibrations, good thought forms, which also join together and therefore a lot of good can be done.  Because the same thing happens in a positive way instead of a negative way. White feather (Miriam): It will come but it will be a long time yet.

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