Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

New starting point for Shan and Geoff

7th Feb 2022   For us – Areas of no emotion. Area of New Starting point: nothingness.

In this meditation Geoff starts and a guide takes over

G: Verna is close by.

G:  They are sending us to start off somewhere.  When you go into your centre/sanctuary, there is your lake, on the left you’ve got the waterfall, above you’ve got the mountains and the snow behind, and if you look dead ahead, it goes down across lots of hill and into the sea. Now, if you went down to the sea, dead ahead, on your left-hand side, go up onto the snow on the top, and turn right, so you are going in the same direction down to the sea. At the end there, on the left there is a new huge open area, which is a village or alike.

When we connect with spirit, we raise our vibrations and they lower theirs, so our energies can connect. It is a bit of an effort on both sides. If we created a place where we could meet, it could be very simple. We can both go there and meet and it would be very quick and easier.  That is what this place is.  Looking down on the whole area, it looks like a whole group of fields, countryside, with a few houses in between, some roads, and behind is the sea. But it’s really a meeting place.  So we will be going in there to meet various guides and teachers. And when we go there it is a very comfortable environment for both of us because we will both be on exactly the same level. We can converse a lot easier. It’s a meeting place for us.    

Mom is there. She seems to be hidden, in a way.  I think this is a place where it’s devoid of earthly emotions. We miss her, so if she would appear we would get emotional. When we meet in a place like this, it’s very mutual. We can talk to each other as spirit. Without that earthly feeling of loss, emotion, grief, etc. So we can go forward, greet her and hug her. And it’s a different feeling altogether. It’s a feeling of respect and understanding. Knowing that the love is there but the emotions and earthly feelings have been removed, so it’s very comfortable.

She has now moved off to one side. There is someone here with a crown on. He is bright yellow, bright gold, and this crown is above his head. It is symbolic of what he is. He is an energy source. Going very close, I can put my arms around him, and feel that there is only energy there.  And when I move inside, there is no additional feeling. It’s a bit strange. It’s a place with no feelings. So when you get to a place like this, then you are able to make decisions based on what is the best logical decisions. The best decisions you can make based on your understanding and your teachings so far, taking away the emotional value and therefor you can make logical decisions. So, when we have to make decisions in the future, this is the best way to do it.

If we first of all think, what’s the main question we have been asking ourselves, is the moving to Hilary’s (Our current home)with the dogs and so on. I’ve brought the dogs in and they are just – not excited about anything, they are just moving around and acting as if it was normal. So again, that would make perfect sense.

One of the things we learned in meditation, right in the beginning, was that you can go into meditation, you could think of a problem and you could think of it without emotion. That’s what we were taught right in the beginning. You can see things much clearer in meditation without earthly emotions.

So we now have an area we can go to, and maybe even bring people into that area. So we can see a much clearer picture, of what needs to be done. So, wondering around this area, it’s pretty dull. There is nothing happening, no feelings, no emotions. It just is.

So whenever we are stressed, we can go there and make the best decisions.  It’s also a place to reflect. If you think of decisions you have made in the past, and we have all made mistakes in the past, we have also made good choices.  You can remember something that has happened, and analyse it here. With a very clear mind. To either get rid of a worry that you have had, or to confirm that did make the right decision. It’s a place you can come to individually, for any worries or stress.  You simply come here and enjoy the benefits.

Leaving that space …..

I now see a building like the Taj Mahal, a big white building. A university or a palace.  This is a different form of energy, we can also go to, experience and use. Going into this white building, everything is white, everything is neutralised. This is for serious past events, Trevor for example (He cost us a few Million) where there is lots of hatred, anger.  We understand that it’s a life he chose, but if we go into the white building and get Trevor standing in front of you, there is no anger. Everything means nothing.  It was simply just another lesson. Bringing Gary in, .. what his big lesson is and why we have all these problems, is that he doesn’t like to be wrong. He can’t help it and it’s one of the lessons he has to learn. He hates being wrong, so rather than admit he is wrong, he defends it all the time. He pushes that he is right.  (I can’t get him standing up straight) no self-pride.  You have to have pride in your actions to have pride in yourself. So he knows he is in the wrong,  but he cannot bear to admit it. So he  lashes out. Time will heal that, he will learn that lesson, and he will eventually make contact again.

George is in there now. (Ex-husband)

Both of them, as well as being a lesson for them, it’s a lesson for us as well and everyone around them. Understanding this, takes away the animosity,

So it’s a place to bring people to heal them, and in doing that you are healing yourself as well.

Leaving there I am going through an iron gate in the middle of hedge.  As I go through the other side, it’s a bit like walking into a maze. And as I walk through there are various places to sit down and relax.  There is a big forest to the right. It seems empty.  It has been cleaned for us.  The whole area has bee cleaned of all bad energy from behind, the animosity, hatred, anger, etc. have been left behind and understood. This is a place where we will start to develop and grow.

So there is a lot of energy there, we can go there at any stage we like. We can pick up new energy from all sorts of sources. To go down the roads we want to go down, to progress, to learn.  We can go there to ask questions, pick up energy, and expand from there.  It’s like our new base. Our new starting point. And that’s what we are going to use. I can see yellow, red, orange, those are the 3 main colours that are there. It’s a fiery, strong energy. I can see it moving up a hill, for a long way, it gets to the top and goes over the other side. We are at the bottom at the moment, we have been in a situation like this before, where we were going through thick mud. Like a big machine in thick mud trying to get over the rim. That’s all now changed, in the past, now what we have got is this nice energy that will help us get to the top of the hill, and go where we want to go, in the right direction. The whole point of being in the starting blocks in this energy, is so that we can start the correct way. But you had to go down, through all the mud, suffering, hard times, etc. to be able to appreciate what it is going forward. Going forward you will have so many different energies. Imagine going forwards now and you had millions of rands, you would have a completely different outlook on life, and how you deal with other people, etc. Now you are going forward with the energies to change people, to help people, to think the right way, to grow, progress, to help nature, to help people, to help everything around you. This is now your goal.  This is why you are here at this exact moment. So, you can start building and growing and going up to the top of this hill. When you go up, you will be picking up other colours, what you have now is the base colours to start with, which is your basic energy. Which is the power you need to get out of the position you are in. And as you go up, because of the actions you take on the way up. You will be picking up other colours, other adventures, other people, and other energies, so your energies will start to expand. And there is no need to get to the top of the hill, you will start to spread outwards. And pick up more energy, as you go out. You will be able to see more, sense more, and simply grow. And the people that will be joining with you, are people that you can help, that chose lessons, chose you to teach those lessons. So, your future my dears, is a happy one. It may seem at the moment, that things are very difficult, very touch, which they are, but you had to go through this, which you quite understand. But you will progress forward, you will enjoy every moment, you will enjoy more and more.  When these small problems some along, you can take them to the various areas, you can fix with the different energies that we are giving you. And you will simply progress. And that is what you wanted to hear.

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