Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

New York. A small rescue from the dark side. 1991 By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation, Miriam is channeling and Geoff helps this woman to rid herself of some negative vibrations. Geoff – I have gone to an apartment somewhere in New York, where there is some form of meeting going on, and there is a person lying on a bed, and there are many spirits there, and I am there to watch only. There are seven spirits and they are a dull grey in colour, and it is a woman lying in bed, and she is sat up, and she communicates with these seven. But she is not communicating the right way, she is doing it in astral, yes the physical is still laying there and the astral sat up in bed. She has been delving into all sorts of psychic things and on the black side, and now she has created some form of mental block, where her astral body is not able to leave the physical, and it must do this to get the energy that it needs. Miriam (Guide) – You are doing very well. Geoff – Now these seven that are there, I think these seven were created by her. Miriam (Guide) – Yes, yes they were. Geoff – Now what I am going to do is show her, or get her to destroy or do away with these creations. Miriam (Guide) – Yes it must be she that does it, but give her the idea of how. Geoff – Right, I am sitting on the end of the bed, I am sitting cross-legged and I am looking at her, and she can see that my colour is totally bright, and a totally different vibration than the seven surrounding her, also she can see that I have more substance, now this sounds funny being in astral, but her seven are hollow, you can put out your hands straight through them, there is nothing to them, and yet at this stage I can see myself as being solid, even though I am sort of a yellowish white, radiant but you can’t see through me. And this is what she is seeing, also she is getting a lot of love and she is beginning to feel, her body is starting to become the same colour as mine. She is beginning to understand, she is just understanding herself, because of all the past knowledge that she has, she created these seven barriers, but she also has a lot of past knowledge that she is putting to use……the jigsaw is fitting into place. And she is accepting and understanding what she has done, and this understanding is creating a lot of happiness, and strong vibrations, and she is smiling that she is now seeing this, and I put my hands out….. Miriam (Guide) – She is so full of joy! Geoff – (Laughs) I have just pulled her towards me a little bit, out of her physical, and the seven are fading, fading very fast. And now they have gone altogether. Now she is sitting on my left, and we are both looking at her sleeping physical and I mustn’t take her too far. I take her up on to the roof, I hold her hand and we just go straight up and it is actually quite funny to see, because she thinks the ceiling is there, and it blocks her for a while before we go through, and we get up on the roof, and there are lots of energy lines coming down connecting to her, I don’t think she can see them. But they are supplying her with energy that she has lacked so much in the last few days or few weeks. And she is being revitalised very, very fast, there are other spirits around which she cannot see either. I think this will come to her later, she will be able to see at a later stage, now there is one spirit on my right who she has seen, and recognised, and it is her guide. And the guide will take over from now, she has got full understanding now what happened, and she is secure being with her guide, and I can now go on. Miriam (Guide) – And she is such a lovely person. Geoff – Yes, and it’s funny to see, now I can see her in a white robe, but I can’t see her feet, when I get down to her feet, and we are hovering, the robe just sort of curls underneath and goes back a little bit, that is just the way it is. And she says thank you and understands and is very happy, and now I can go off. Miriam (Guide) – She is very happy. Geoff – Now just before I left that one, I cleansed the apartment that she was in and it just left it a lot brighter, full of energy. Miriam (Guide) – I am glad you remembered that.

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