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Miriam (Teacher) – It is some time since I was here, but I have been told that what you have been learning in astral is now bearing fruit and that you are now progressing very well indeed, so I have come to tell you that we are quite pleased. This is not to say that you must let it go to your head, and try to run too fast. The more you concentrate on each little new beginning, then the sounder the foundation to be built on, I think you have begun to realise that. Geoff – Yes Miriam (Teacher) – And from now on it should be much more rapid progress, but still not too rapid, for you have all the time in the world to achieve all that you have to achieve in this life, many years ahead of you, many years. Verna – Oh I hope they get easier. All the mental stress. Miriam (Teacher) – You will manage, you will manage very well, after all it is no good us giving you the good things if we do not give you the bad things to compare them with and if you have more aches and pains, then you can help other people because you know what it is like, you can put yourself in their place, much better than just hearsay. Verna – Yes, I understand all that, it is just one of those days when I have come home from work tired and feel, not another one of those days. Miriam (Teacher) – Then we shall need to send a little bit of energy to you. Verna – Yes, I think we all need a little. Miriam (Teacher) – The laughter that you have now is a little upliftment. Verna – Oh yes, it’s not that bad. Miriam (Teacher) – Oh we know, but these things are sent to try you and as I say that through all that you learn, through something that you have suffered the more help you can be to other people, and that applies to all of you when you are doing healing. Much better to experience first, not so nice but much better for those that you help, it also helps a lot with the rescue work, when you are taking in what is being given to you from astral, without you having to study all the anatomy first, it has helped better that way. So many young children come to watch, some cannot come too close, they are on the fringe, but when they are allowed to see something, then it is shown to them. And in this way, they can be told that when they do not want to do their lessons, you have set a good example for they know that you have been learning for a long time, to them, in astral, not so long as a lot of people, but a long time to them. And then they can go back to their lessons and sit for a little while longer, while one or another of their teachers tries to instruct them. But really they are very good, for our methods of teaching are different to earth, we like to bring more laughter into it, and this makes it much easier for them to accept. Wouldn’t it be good if we could bring more laughter into all the teaching on earth? Geoff – Yes Miriam (Teacher) – So instead you have to bring the laughter into your life, when your limbs are aching you have to put a smile on your face, it doesn’t matter that you think well it is hard work, I feel like a Cheshire cat that’s got its grin fixed and will not go away. Somebody sees that smile, and if they do not retaliate then somebody else will, but more often than not people will automatically smile back at you and then they wonder why they are grinning like a Cheshire cat. And they feel a little bit uplifted, and it is one thing that all on earth can do, it costs nothing, just a little bit of effort, sometimes more than a little effort, but it costs nothing, even when you are tired and yawning away. Verna – (Laughs) You heard me, I am happy though, just tired. Miriam (Teacher) – That is all right, we understand, but I just had to come and tell you how very pleased we are that you are progressing and that you are doing so much now without the supervision, the supervision is there always, it will be for some time, but not one that you can perhaps consciously know about, do you understand? Geoff – Yes. Miriam (Teacher) – But the supervision will be there for some time, just in case there is any difficulty, or if you make a mistake then it can be put right quickly. But so far you are doing very well. You are still learning a lot in astral, what you are learning in astral is not to be brought down to earth just yet, it is being stored in the part of the brain that is not in use at the moment, but will be used later on. The part that you talked about once, that you said why can you not develop it? When you do it will be there. Geoff – Yes, I am certainly looking forward to that day. Miriam (Teacher) – But enjoy today, never mind about looking too far ahead, that has to be just a tiny part of your life, your goal, but enjoy each day as much as you can, not always easy when things go wrong, but if you can laugh at mistakes and laugh at the pain, then it does make it so much easier. It is the relaxing that helps such a lot, and we are still wondering what you are going to do young man to take your mind off that brain of yours. Geoff – I wish I knew, I haven’t found anything that exciting as yet. Miriam (Teacher) – Then we shall have to see what we can do about it and put some notions into your head. Geoff – Thank you. Were you going to ask a question Verna? Verna – Yes, my father is very close by, so I was going to ask if I could speak to him. Miriam (Teacher) – I thought I was going to get away lightly. Geoff – You almost escaped. Miriam (Teacher) – I shall try to answer. Verna – I just sense that my father was very close… Miriam (Teacher) – Your father is often with you. Verna – How is he doing now and what is he doing? Miriam (Teacher) – He is helping, with your mother, not all the time because your mother and he have different interests, ways of helping people, but quite often they work together. And he has much laughter in him. Verna – Does he work a lot with the children? Because he has always been with children. Miriam (Teacher) – He does, so far he has not been allowed to have much contact with people on earth, but he works with people who do, and he has emotions yet to conquer, for like many who have passed over they wish to hurry into these things before they are quite prepared, but he helps a lot with the children. And your mother, you might not believe this but she helps a lot with the animals. Was she an animal lover? Verna – Oh, not really. She would just pat the dog, and that’s it but wouldn’t love the animals as much as we did. Miriam (Teacher) – But she does, she helps a lot with animals. And then she also helps your father with children, but they are both very happy, very happy. And your father has lots of mischief in him. Verna – Oh he has. Miriam (Teacher) – But he is with you quite often. Verna – That’s lovely, thank you. Geoff – And one more question, just a small one. Miriam (Teacher) – All right. Geoff – I am a bit confused about healing myself, I know we can heal other people, but we were told that we can’t properly heal ourselves. Is that true, or is there a way? Miriam (Teacher) – It is true for beginners, for young healers as you two are, but as you become more advanced then you will be able to heal yourself with quite a lot of the energy, but at the moment when people are just starting people are not encouraged to try and heal themselves. It is much better to ask your partner or someone else. Geoff – I see. Miriam (Teacher) – And I have just had to put into my mind, that it would be good for you to go to this church for healing, and I am not quite sure which one it is. Geoff – I know the one. Miriam (Teacher) – But it will be good, it will help you, but you must, you can always try to heal yourself to a certain extent like the self-hypnosis but the ordinary healing is not until you are much more advanced. Geoff – Thank you. Miriam (John) – This is John. Geoff – Welcome John. Miriam (John) – Just a few words on the subject of healing, you are all doing your absent healing, but why are you not doing the practical healing on each other to get practice? I know that absent healing is just good in one sense, but if you intend doing it for other people then would it not be sensible to practice more on each other. Geoff – Yes that is a good idea, we could do it maybe just one night a week, so it becomes a ritual. Miriam (John) – That is a very good idea, in this way you would have more confidence when you have a stranger to help heal. And if you concentrate on doing it together, then there will be that much more power for that particular person, instead of it being at individual times, I had not intended coming here, I was just passing and I heard the message about the healing question, and I thought I would just suggest that to you, and maybe next time I come, you can tell me if you have found any difference. Geoff – Fine, thank you. Verna – (Lots of laughter) Geoff – I recognise your laugh. Verna (Dawn) – Oh well I wasn’t going to come along, I have been trying to get through for ages but all we got was little walks we went for together, and I took Verna into places unfortunately she is not allowed to remember, but she is just sitting here wondering where on earth she was, and was she sleeping or, she remembers dreaming about something so intense, but she can’t remember what it was (laughs) I know what it was and I am not going to tell her, all I am going to tell her is that I took her for a walk and she was very, very deep under, and that is all she is allowed to know. So you see I have my fun too sometimes and I have been trying to get through and she has been saying no I am tired, I am not going to talk tonight, and I am going nudge, nudge, wink, wink, (laughs) nudge, nudge, laugh, laugh. I am going to talk! NO I am not going to talk tonight, I am too tired and so I carried on nudging until I got through, because she couldn’t stand it anymore. (Laughs) Anyway she is tired so I just came to make you all laugh. Because all the seriousness is finished, and I was just passing so I thought I would come and say hello. Miriam – Now she should feel much better. Verna (Dawn) – Yes, so should you all after a little bit of oxygen in the old lungs! There is nothing like a laugh, if you want to heal each other forget what John says just have a laugh night, a good old laugh will heal anything. Oh my word, if you had to have a laugh a day, you talk about the apple a day keeping the doctor away, a laugh a day keeps the doctor away that is for sure. If you could have a laugh a day, just about every muscle in your body moves, all your insides work faster, think about it, I may be dead but I am not stupid! (Laughs) No but it’s true, next time you laugh take note of all the muscles that work inside you, and how everything works faster inside you, your blood runs faster, it’s as good as jogging, you just sit in your chair and be super fit just laughing! Super healthy, people will think you are mental, but who cares! I have just seen the thoughts from this lady, she says she met a lady who laughed like me, and I doubt that, no one could beat me! I believe she was pretty close though. Geoff – A close second. Verna (Dawn) – Oh well, give me a little hint next time you go around and see her, and I will come with you, see if I can hear this ladies laugh. Okay I am going to go now, because the funs over (Laughs) Miriam – Oh thank you for that. Verna (Dawn) – Okay bless you all, have a wonderful evening and don’t forget to laugh please, don’t forget to laugh. Bye-bye for now, lots of love to you, bye. Geoff – Bye.  

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