Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Geoff and Verna are healing with the help of a guide called Ishmael, who is channelling through Miriam. Geoff – I have got a man who is in an operating theatre, quite a primitive operating theatre, his right arm has been severed around the elbow. Below the elbow is completely missing, but they have that part of the arm, why this operation is so important is that in this particular hospital or country it is the first time they have done this operation, it is totally new, and they must be able to see the results, it will affect a lot of similar operations in the future. The new process that they are using is they sealed both ends of the joint, just before the elbow they have sealed that and the open portion of the arm, they have sealed it and frozen it, it is almost deep-frozen. The last one inch of the stump is frozen solid, and what they intend doing is, because it is so difficult to connect up all the nerves, arteries, veins and bones etc, most of which can’t be connected properly anyway because of time, they are freezing the ends and have cut it absolutely cleanly on both sides and then they will put both sides together. They have two clamps for the top and bottom portions, these clamps are both tightened to the same degree, so the arm inside forms a perfect circle and this is how they will match up the two sides, the arm itself will be a fraction shorter, but they are trying this method and we must give them some good results, because they will perfect this technique in the future, if this one is not successful they will not continue with these experiments. So the surgeons have cut, both sections are absolutely smooth, and because they are frozen they should join together perfectly, but the problem is when both sections were put in the clamps there was bruising in certain sections which don’t match up completely so when they are put together some of the veins and arteries won’t match up properly. As long as they are close nature will do the rest and connect them up, our job is to make sure that the connection is pretty much successful. Now they will put the two sections together and the natural warmth of the body will start to thaw out the frozen parts and the blood will start to flow through. It will happen quite quickly, because it remains frozen for twenty minutes or so, we are now down into the tissue, they have put the two sections together, they are stitching it now, the results are a matter of luck, that is the way they are looking at it. So we must go inside the arm and we must ensure than the main blood vessels and the arteries match, they will find better techniques in the future, so all we have to do is make sure the blood vessels and arteries do match and the blood will eventually flow through them. This is quite simple to do with the mind, you do the same thing with the nerves, and nerve endings, they will actually do that themselves, connect up themselves, when they are fairly close, so just imagine the inside of each surface and we will just make them connect up, once that is done then we must give some energy to that section, to defrost it basically, to make it work quicker. Firstly just concentrate on the matching up process, that is easy, that is done, arteries all very close, matching up perfectly, and imagine the blood beginning to flow and the nervous system beginning to operate between the two sections. Now we combine this spiritual energy that we give with the process that we are doing, so as we are matching things up, you imagine the blood beginning to flow through the veins from the one section to the other and the nervous impulses going from the top of the arm and back again. At the same time while we are doing this we are creating energy in this section of the arm, and it is getting warmer and it is beginning to happen. The arm itself I can see from the wrist up the fingers are really blue, but that is irrelevant, we must just concentrate on the arm. Just imagine the blood flowing from the top to the bottom, and back up again. There are other spirit doctors there, and it was them that put the idea into the earth doctor’s minds and they are watching now what they have suggested to the earth doctor’s put into practice. And they are watching over it, and they thank us for our time and efforts. And that is all we have to do, they will watch from now on and they think it is sufficient and if they find they need something more they will call on another circle. Other circles are available at all times, so we can withdraw from there – that was very unusual.

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