Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation I am being taken to various dimensions in astral by one of our regular guides (forgot to take his name) who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff:     I seem to have stayed in the same dimension.  I can see a huge bridge or span, an arch, from one mountain to another – must be a mile across with parks running through it.  I don’t think that’s relevant, I’m just being shown something in this dimension.  It is an earth form – it is a dimension to an extreme.  It is an earth that has gone to the extreme by destroying itself. Miriam (Guide)     Yes.  You really are picking them up very well tonight – very well indeed. Geoff:     That’s great.  Now because it has destroyed itself, instead of going back to the beginning and creating microbes and dinosaurs and so on, they’re short circuiting it by creating these creatures which will give a better balance to development in the future.  It’s just the beginning stages and although this is happening on earth, it is not – you cannot say it is going to happen on earth – it is just another dimension of what could have happened or what is happening in that other dimension.  It goes from one extreme to the other, so living as we do in this dimension we can visit other dimensions in the same place.  Let’s say on my right it went the right way and on my left it went the wrong way so it’s completely from one extreme to the other.  Now, all of these dimensions are part of an overall lesson for much higher spirits. Miriam (Guide)     Yes, they are but they do take a lot of digesting. Geoff:     They certainly do.  I’m looking down upon earth and all it’s different dimensions from the view of a higher spirit and it’s like looking into an entire block of houses – it is very difficult to put across because of the size and immensity of it but this spirit is looking down upon all these different dimensions of earth the same way as we would read a set of encyclopedias or read a book with all the different pages.  It is that trivial to him, to exaggerate a point. Miriam (Guide)     It is. Geoff:     Now, if he’s doing that it makes the mind boggle what he can get up to. Miriam (Guide)     Oh yes it does.  It certainly does.  It makes you feel very, very small. Geoff:     Right. Miriam (Guide)     Oh, so many wonders in the world that one cannot imagine. Geoff:     Yes, too true.  I’m seeing at the moment a sort of overview of what I know at the moment going from prehistoric days forward in time to where we are now – and forward 3000 years into the future which I’ve seen and now I’m expanding out sideways into the different dimensions and different kinds and ways of healing and …..It is immense. Miriam (Guide)     It’s going to give you a lot to think about. Geoff:     It certainly is. Miriam (Guide)     But it has cheered you up? Geoff:     Yes, it certainly has.  (laughter)  Yes, quite something.  I think that is all the teaching they are going to give me this evening. Miriam (Guide)     Yes, it is.  I think it is enough for one night. Geoff:  Okay, now there’s one more thing. In this room above me\us there are two arches.  One going from right to left and one going from front to back.  Those arches are – first of all its protection, but now I can suddenly see them and so strongly.  I almost feel as if I could reach out and touch them. Those arches are what takes me into different dimensions. Abdul (Miriam):   Yes, that is right. Geoff:  Okay.  So now the arches are fading because they are not needed anymore and I’m coming out of meditation. Abdul (Miriam):   Yes – a wonderful thing to finish on. Geoff:  Excellent. And I’m out of it.

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